The Jefferson County Public Library Board of Trustees is composed of seven citizens who are residents of the library district. The trustees serve without pay and may serve four consecutive terms of four years each. The appointing authorities are:

  • County Council: 2 appointments

  • County Commissioners: 2 appointments

  • Madison Consolidated Schools: 2 appointment

  • Southwestern Schools: 1 appointment

The Library Board of Trustees establishes policies for the operation of the library district for which it is to provide services.


Mary Kay Butler - President
  Appointing Body: Madison Consolidated Schools
  Term Expires: 2022

Sally Wurtz - Vice President
  Appointing Body: County Council
  Term Expires: 2019

Kathy Rosenberg - Secretary
  Appointing Body: County Council
  Term Expires: 2020

Kelly Joyce
  Appointing Body: Madison Consolidated Schools
  Term Expires: 2020

Dana Riddle
  Appointing Body: County Commissioners
  Term Expires: 2020

Barbara McKinney
  Appointing Body: Southwestern Schools
  Term Expires: 2022

Terry Phillips
  Appointing Body: County Commissioners
  Term Expires: 2022


The Board meets the second Thursday of each month at 4:00 pm in the Madison Public Library conference room.  They welcome thoughtful comments from the community.  If you'd like to speak at a Board meeting, please see the RULES.

Meeting Minutes

June 2019

Approved 7/15/19


June 13, 2019

Mary Kay Butler, Vice-President
Sally Wurtz, Secretary
Joy Culp, Treasurer
Dana Riddle
Terry Phillips
Judi Terpening, Director
Jessica McAlister, Patron Services Coordinator

Not Present:
Kelly Joyce, President
Barbara McKinney
Kathy Rosenberg

The meeting was opened at the Hanover Branch Library at 4:15 P.M. by Vice-President Butler.


  • Wurtz moved to accept the minutes from the May regular meeting as presented. Phillips seconded. Motion carried.

Financial Report
Culp gave the financial report:

  • Operating Fund expenditures May 10 through June 13, 2019 were $156,714.86. Expenditures from all funds were $174,472.43. Operating Fund receipts were $8280.09. Receipts to all funds were $30,304.75. Balance in the Operating Fund as of June 13 was $525,580.23. Total bank balance was $1,052,776.23.

  • There were 2 checks over $6000:

    • $10,119.12 to Jefferson County Treasurer for health insurance premiums ($7940.60 paid by Library).

    • $34,258.78 to DWC Roofing for completion of roof replacements.

Phillips moved to accept the financial report as presented.  Riddle seconded. Motion carried.

Director’s report
Terpening reported the following:

Adult Programming

  • 25 events with 271 attendees.

  • An Evening of Cordial Politics had 15 attendees.

  • Big Oaks program “Wild and Edible Plants of Indiana had 24 attendees.

  • Drawing Class has had 66 total attendees.

Teen Programming

  • 6 events with 370 attendees.

  • Southwestern Jr. and Sr. High Summer Reading Outreach had 300; MCHS Lunch in the Library had 20.

  • DIY Slime had 18 attendees.

Youth Services

  • 83 events with 2270 attendees.

  • 67 Summer Reading talks at schools to 2158 people.


  • Circulation was up, mostly electronic formats.

  • 120 new Hoopla users and 230 new OverDrive users.


  • Roofing jobs are complete and paid.

  • Terpening presented quotes from HFP LLC, JPete Consulting LLC, and Glass Unlimited, Inc. for the Hanover sunroom remodeling project, including repair of the cupola. She will check references before making a final decision.

  • New shelving for teen area at Hanover will be installed soon.


  • E-rate Category 2 installation is complete. USAC will reimburse us 80% of the cost.


  • We hired summer intern, Rebekah Jones for the Children’s Department. The Library will be reimbursed for 50% of her pay by the Indiana Intern program.

  • We now have four teen volunteers.

  • We have had two Community Conversations with staff members, which is part of the Harwood Labs strategic plan requirement.


  • Terpening attended ILF Budget Training for New Directors.

  • Terpening attended the DLGF training at Ivy Tech.

  • Terpening, McAlister, Inman, and Motsinger are meeting monthly to discuss the Community Conversations for Harwood.


  • Our Community Foundation endowed assets increased 10.48% in the first quarter.

  • We are moving things around in the basement to create a better teen area.

  • We are changing Hanover Info Express deliveries from three to two days a week partially due to price increases.

Friends of the Library

  • FOL made about $2500 on the spring book sale.

  • New FOL President is Richard Cook.

  • FOL funded the Build-a-Dog summer reading program.


  • None.

Continuing Business

  • None.

New Business

  • Riddle made a motion to approve the following slate of officers to serve July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020: Mary Kay Butler, President; Sally Wurtz, Vice-President; Kathy Rosenberg, Secretary; and Joy Cup, Treasurer. Phillips seconded. Motion carried.

  • Wurtz made a motion to approve the new Collection Development Policy as presented. Riddle seconded. Motion carried.

  • Terpening has been chosen to be the Chair-elect of the Evergreen Executive Committee.

Meeting adjourned at 5:01 P.M.

Past Meeting Minutes