The Jefferson County Public Library Board of Trustees is composed of seven citizens who are residents of the library district. The trustees serve without pay and may serve four consecutive terms of four years each. The appointing authorities are:

  • County Council: 2 appointments

  • County Commissioners: 2 appointments

  • Madison Consolidated Schools: 2 appointment

  • Southwestern Schools: 1 appointment

The Library Board of Trustees establishes policies for the operation of the library district for which it is to provide services.


Kelly Joyce - President
  Appointing Body: Madison Consolidated Schools
  Term Expires: 2020

Mary Kay Butler - Vice President
  Appointing Body: Madison Consolidated Schools
  Term Expires: 2022

Sally Wurtz - Secretary
  Appointing Body: County Council
  Term Expires: 2019

Kathy Rosenberg
  Appointing Body: County Council
  Term Expires: 2020

Dana Riddle
  Appointing Body: County Commissioners
  Term Expires: 2020

Barbara McKinney
  Appointing Body: Southwestern Schools
  Term Expires: 2022

Terry Phillips
  Appointing Body: County Commissioners
  Term Expires: 2022


The Board meets the second Thursday of each month at 4:00 pm in the Madison Public Library conference room.  They welcome thoughtful comments from the community.  If you'd like to speak at a Board meeting, please see the RULES.

Meeting Minutes

September 2018

Approved 10/11/18

420 W. MAIN ST. MADISON, IN 47250

September 20, 2018

Kelly Joyce, President
Mary Kay Butler, Vice-President
Sally Wurtz, Secretary
Joy Culp, Treasurer
Kathy Rosenberg
Dana Riddle
Terry Phillips
Judi Terpening, Director
Jessica McAlister, Patron Services Coordinator

Not Present:
Barbara McKinney

The meeting was opened at 4:02 P.M. by Vice-President Butler.

Public Hearing for the 2019 Budget

  • No members of the public were present.


  • Phillips moved to accept the minutes from the August 9 regular meeting as presented. Wurtz seconded. Motion carried.

Financial Report
Culp gave the financial report:

  • Operating Fund expenditures August 10 through September 20 were $117,208.10. Expenditures from all funds totaled $134,917.94. Operating Fund receipts totaled $3704.90. Receipts to all funds totaled $18,711.14. Balance in the Operating Fund as of September 20 was $775,035.39. Total bank balance was $1,293,239.50.

  • There were three checks over $6000: County Treasurer $9005.26 for August health insurance premiums. $6840.95 paid by the library; County Treasurer $9008.41 for September health insurance premiums. $6844.10 paid by the library; Baker & Taylor Books $6001.86.

  • Transfers within the Operating Fund were made as follows:
    $2000 from 2.41 Promotional Supplies to 2.23 Other Operating Supplies.
    $1000 from 3.22 Postage to 3.148 Public Databases.

Phillips moved to accept the financial report as presented.  Joyce seconded. Motion carried.

Director’s report
Terpening reported the following:

Adult Programming 

  • 15 events with 222 attendees.

  • The August City Council meeting held in the library auditorium had 68 attendees.

  • Fountain of Culture program by Camille Fife had 12 attendees.

  • Craft programs had a total of 90 attendees.

  • Our newest volunteer, Karen Bessenecker, is helping Ann with programming.

Youth Services

  • 19 events with 527 attendees.

  • Evening Mother Goose on the Loose has been well attended.

  • New Saturday Playtime! Program had 17 attendees.

  • Fluffy Slime was most attended YA program with 49 attendees.


  • Circulation has increased in nearly every area.

  • World Book database usage has increased since school started.


  • ENA is still working with Spectrum to increase our bandwidth to 1 GB.


  • The elevator phone installation was completed by Electrictek.

  • Selective Insurance has completed their assessment of the hail damage on the three Madison buildings and the Hanover Branch.  We will invite quotes from three contractors in accordance with our policy.

Staff Changes

  • Jessica McAlister has moved from the Hanover Branch Manager to Patron Services Coordinator. She will be pursuing her MLS degree.

  • Library Assistant Rebecca Lathrem has been promoted to Hanover Branch Manager.  She will be taking library courses through Ivy Tech.

  • Kendra McAdams was promoted from YA Library Assistant to Collection Development Librarian. She received her MLS degree in August.

  • Delainey Phillips was hired as a Library Page.


  • Gene Stratton-Porter presentation by Curt Burnette is September 20.

  • Murder Mystery Dinner is October 17.  Registration deadline is October 5 and is $20 per person.

  • The City of Madison has chosen the Jefferson County Public Library as the holiday ornament this year.  They will sell for $20 and will be available at the Library soon.


  • Terpening, McAlister, Lathrem, and Joslin will be going to the Evergreen Indiana Regional Roundtable on October 4.


  • Terpening talked to the State Library and other libraries about Cybersecurity Insurance coverage.  Patron information would be covered by Evergreen Indiana.  Coverage for staff and other library information is included in our policy.  Since it is difficult to know how much is necessary, no additional coverage will be added at this time.

  • At the Board’s suggestion, Terpening will continue to look into getting an appraisal of the Snyder paintings.

  • Phillips asked if our blanket replacement insurance coverage would cover a total replacement of the roof.  Terpening will contact our agent.

Friends of the Library

  • The Fall Book sale will be September 27-30.


  • Children’s Department received a note from Healthy Communities Initiatives thanking them for participating in the Tailgate Party at Madison High School in August.

Continuing Business

  • None.

New Business

  • None.

Meeting adjourned at 4:36 P.M.

Past Meeting Minutes