The public is encouraged to attend and observe the public portion of the meetings of the Jefferson Co. Library Board. The Library Board welcomes public comments at the meetings. The following guidelines will be followed to facilitate orderly discussion of agenda items.

Please notify either the library director or the library board president at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting if you would like to be placed on the agenda.

Audience call may be held at the discretion of the presiding officer or by a majority vote of the board members present.

Audience call may, if allowed, be at either the beginning or the end of the meeting.

At this time, audience members who have not made a request to be placed on the agenda may comment on ongoing library issues.

Library board members will listen to comments, but will not respond to or take action based on the comments until further discussion has taken place.

When addressing the board please:

  • Wait to be recognized by the presiding officer.
  • State your name, address and the topic you would like to address.
  • Note that your speaking time and the number of people speaking on the same issue may be limited based on time constraints. This determination will be made by the presiding officer.
  • Speakers are expected to conduct themselves in a civil manner at all times. Discussion concerning current or former library personnel is not appropriate in a public meeting.

Approved by the Jefferson County Public Library Board of Trustees
January 26, 2011