Meeting Minutes

December 2018

Approved 1/10/19

420 W. MAIN ST. MADISON, IN 47250

December 13, 2018

Kelly Joyce, President
Mary Kay Butler, Vice-President
Joy Culp, Treasurer
Dana Riddle
Terry Phillips
Judi Terpening, Director
Jessica McAlister, Patron Services Coordinator
Joe Tinghitella, DWC Roofing Co.

Not Present:
Sally Wurtz, Secretary
Kathy Rosenberg
Barbara McKinney

The meeting was opened at 4:00 P.M. by Vice-President Butler.

Public Hearing on for the Internet and Computer Use Policy

  • No one from the public was present for the public hearing on the Internet and Computer Use Policy. Phillips moved to approve the November 2018 policy as presented. Riddle seconded. Motion carried.

  • Joe Tinghitella from DWC Roofing Company spoke to the Board about some of the issues regarding the pending roof replacements and insurance payment.


  • Butler moved to accept the minutes from the November 8 regular meeting as presented. Riddle seconded. Motion carried.

Financial Report
Culp gave the financial report:

  • Operating Fund expenditures November 9 through December 13 were $135,079.97. Expenditures from all funds totaled $150,529.88. Operating Fund receipts totaled $27,905.01. Receipts to all funds totaled $43,308.82. Balance in the Operating Fund as of December 13 was $539,532.92. Total bank balance was $1,057,074.40.

  • There were 4 checks over $6000:

    • Jefferson County Treasurer $9008.41 for health insurance premiums ($6844.10 paid by Library).

    • DeBra-Kuempel $7388.37 for HVAC and plumbing repairs.

    • Baker & Taylor Books $6092.87.

    • Ricoh USA $6621.93 for new copier at Hanover.

  • Transfers within the Operating Fund were made as follows:
    $2000 from 3.22 Postage to 3.148 Public Databases.

Phillips moved to accept the financial report as presented.  Riddle seconded. Motion carried.

Director’s report
Terpening reported the following:

Adult Programming

  • 28 events with 423 attendees.

  • Caroling with Santa had 129 attendees.

  • Oil Painting class was 10 weeks with 36 attendees. The class was partially sponsored by Psi lota Xi Sorority.

Youth Services

  • 21 events with 258 attendees.

  • Reading to Dogs was a popular new program that we will be having again in January.

  • Kid's Knitting has had 3 meetings with 15 attendees.

  • Young Writer's Workshop had 2 meetings with 18 attendees.


  • We had an increase in wireless usage possibly due to the increase in bandwidth.


  • We are eligible for Category 2 funding from the FCC. Because we receive E-rated bandwidth there is money set aside for equipment. This was the last year for us to file for this funding, which will be approximately $43,000 for Madison and $11,000 for Hanover. Terpening is working with our AdTech consultant to get some of the funding started. Once we begin funding in 2019 we will have 5 years to use it.

  • We will begin offering a new service in January called Hoopla. It is a digital media service that is free with a JCPL library card. It offers eBooks, eAudiobooks, movies, TV, music. Our cost is based per checkout so for now we will limit patrons to 5 checkouts per month.

Building and Grounds

  • Roof replacements will begin as soon as weather permits.

  • Final work on the sewage pump was completed by DeBra-Kuempel.


  • We have hired Karen Bessenecker as a part-time Library Assistant. She has been a library volunteer since July.


  • Our Bicentennial Reading Program for adults is running December 1 through January 31. We are giving 3 gift cards per week as prizes.


  • Scott County is now on Evergreen. We sent McAlister to their library for a day to assist with the transition.

  • We received the quarterly report from the Community Foundation. Our endowed assets experience growth of 2.54% in the third quarter took us to 3.91% as of September 30.

  • Our Staff Holiday party was held on December 8 after hours at the Library. It was catered by Parkhurst from Hanover College.

Friends of the Library

  • They have committed to covering the cost of the new Ricoh copier at Hanover.


  • None.

Continuing Business

  • None.

New Business

  • Because of new legislation enacted on July 1 (Indiana Code 36-12-7-3), we can now offer a non­resident card to anyone for a fee, thereby eliminating the need for the Trimble County Agreement. The fee is still determined by the Operating Fund expenditure per capita.

  • The following one-time bonuses were approved for all employees who have worked at the Library for at least 6 months: Full-time $500, Part-time $250, Pages $50. Bonuses will be added to the final paycheck of 2018. Motion made by Phillips. Seconded by Riddle. Motion carried.

  • A motion was made by Phillips to give all employees a 3% raise beginning in 2019. Seconded by Riddle. Motion carried.

  • Butler made a motion to increase the Treasurer's salary to $2500 per year beginning in 2019. Seconded by Riddle. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 6:02 P.M.