The Jefferson County Public Library relies on the generosity of individuals and organizations to further the Library’s mission and goals. All donations help ensure the future development of the Library’s collections, programs, and services.

If requested, the Library will provide a timely, written acknowledgement of the donation, however, the Library will not provide an appraisal of value.


Monetary Donations
The Library accepts donations of cash and investments. If the donor has designated a purpose for the donation, it will be used for that purpose, to the extent possible.

Community Endowment Fund
The Library has an endowment fund with the Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County. Contributions can be made to this fund through the Community Foundation or by clearly identifying monetary donations given to the Library as intended for the endowment fund.

Donation of books, magazines, movies, etc. are often added to the collection to fill content gaps or replace worn copies. These are accepted with the understanding that those not added to the collection will be disposed of at the discretion of the Library. If not added, these items will usually be given to the Friends of the Library or donated to other non-profit organizations.

Monetary donations can be made as a memorial or in honor of a person or event. Donors may suggest books or topics of special interest. A bookplate will be inserted in the book and will include the honoree and donor’s names. Other gifts will be identified in a similar method. If desired, the Library will send a letter to the honoree alerting him/her to the donation.

Other Donations
The Library welcomes gifts of all kinds. Please contact the Director or a Board member if you have a donation that is not mentioned above.

The Library reserves the right to refuse any gift that the Board of Trustees or Director deems not to be in the best interest of the Library to accept. Once a gift is accepted, it shall be final. No restrictions on the Library’s ownership, possession, use, or disposition of the donation shall be effective other than restrictions approved by the Board of Trustees.