June: New funeral home and marriage records

We’re continuing to grow our collection of records available online. Here are the highlights.

First up are the Gans Funeral Home Records from September 1924 to December 1988. The original record books, consisting of nine volumes, are housed at the Madison-Jefferson County Public Library. We wish to thank Lytle Mortuary for donating these volumes to the library. The transcription are as complete as the original records. Some records were not completely filled. There is an accompanying index for the records tells the volume and page number of each entry.

Our collection of marriage records also grew. Prior to the May 20 Jefferson County Courthouse fire, Michele Davis had been transcribing previously unindexed records starting in 1906. We now have all her transcriptions available through 1965. The library wishes to thank Michele for her dedication and hard work on this project.

Due to screen-size constraints, the records online are not complete. However, the complete data spreadsheets are also available for download. The spreadsheets include additional information such as parents names and places of birth.

July: List of new records added

July was a busy month. Here is a list of new records added to the History Rescue Project (and the category where you will find them located in the records section)…

  • Cotton Bible (family history)
  • Delayed Birth Records (birth records)
  • Honored Dead: World War II (military records)
  • Jefferson County Wills (death records)
  • Mortality Lists from 1850-1860-1870-1880 Censuses (death records)
  • Origin of School Names in Saluda Township (Education)
  • Remembering the Rankin School Desk (Education)
  • Saluda Lunch Program (Education)
  • Third Street 1841 (newspaper articles)
  • Vail’s Undertaker Records 1916-1925 (funeral home records)
  • Vail’s Undertaker Records 1925-1936 (funeral home records)