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July: List of new records added

July was a busy month. Here is a list of new records added to the History Rescue Project (and the category where you will find them located in the records section)…

  • Cotton Bible (family history)
  • Delayed Birth Records (birth records)
  • Honored Dead: World War II (military records)
  • Jefferson County Wills (death records)
  • Mortality Lists from 1850-1860-1870-1880 Censuses (death records)
  • Origin of School Names in Saluda Township (Education)
  • Remembering the Rankin School Desk (Education)
  • Saluda Lunch Program (Education)
  • Third Street 1841 (newspaper articles)
  • Vail’s Undertaker Records 1916-1925 (funeral home records)
  • Vail’s Undertaker Records 1925-1936 (funeral home records)