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Cotton Bible


Joseph Cotton & Elizabeth Martin Pritchett were married by R. J. H. Riggs on the 27ty day of Sept. 1848.

Joseph Cotton & Nancy Jane Green were married in Jefferson County, Ind. by Rev. John W. Sullivan on the 15th day of May 1853.


Joseph Cotton was born Jan the 8th A. D. 1821.

Elizabeth Martin Cotton was born in Henry County, Virginia July 30th, 1825.

Martha Ann Cotton, daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth M. Cotton, was born Aug. the 10th 1850. Baptized in infancy by Rev. Horace Brown.

Nancy Jane Cotton, wife of Joseph Cotton, was born in Madison, Ind. April 26th AD, 1822.

Mary Everilla Cotton born June 21st, 1854.

William Chambers Cotton born in Aurora, Ind. Jan. 13, 1856.

Anna Mass Cotton born in Greensburg, Ind. June 13, 1859.

Elizabeth Lavinia Cotton, born in Connersville, Ind. Nov. 14, 1863.

George Green, born June 29, 1787.

Rachel Moore, born May 6, 1794.

James M. Green, born June 18, 1819.

Nancy J. Green, born April 26, 1822

Wm. (T?) Green, born June 8, 1825

John B. Green, born April 16, 1828.


Departed this life on Saturday the 22nd day of Sept. AD 1851, Elizabeth Martin cotton aged 26 years, one month and 22 days.

Departed this life on the 13th day of Sept. AD 1851 Martha Ann, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth M. Cotton, aged one year , one month and three days.

Nancy Jane Cotton, wife of Rev. Joseph Cotton, died June 30th 1896.