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Delayed Birth Records

Name of ApplicantPlace & Date of BirthAppl. DateFather’s Name & Place of BirthMother’s Name & Place of Birth
Alcorn, Louis B.Jeff. Co. IN-5/20/19295/15/1945Theodore Alcorn, Bullet Co. KYEmma Yocum, Mercer Co. KY
Aldridge, Elsie Gray PhillipsJeff. Co. IN-7/30/18962/3/1945Robert Phillips, KYMartha A. Watson, Jeff. Co. IN
Allen, James ElmaerCoal Co. IL-4/3/18856/27/1946Albert Fletcher Allen, Laurence Co. INMary Procter, Laurence Co. IN
Allen, John AlexanderClark Co. IN-3/13/18794/8/1944Daniel Allen, NJElizabeth McCright, PA
Ammons, Charley HowardJeff. Co. IN-8/15/18861/27/1942William M. Ammons, INLola Litson, IN
Arbuckle, James CorbettJeff. Co. IN-8/12/189211/14/1942James William Arbuckle, Jeff. Co. INElla Holmes, Jeff. Co. IN
Arbuckle, MariellaJeff. Co. IN-2/5/19261/4/1943Corbett Arbuckle, Jeff. Co. INGertrude Housefield, Jeff. Co. IN
Armstrong, John BeverlyBrooksburg, IN-4/15/192210/10/1942Robert T. Armstrong, INMildred Mershon, Palymea, KY
Banta, Edward CharlesJeff. Co. IN-1/6/188811/15/1941Millard F. Banta, INSarah Ellen Sheets, WVA
Barger, Amelia FethHanover, IN-10/26/18794/8/1944Henry Feth, GERLouise Leidolf, GER
Barkham, Marie J. CrawleyJeff. Co. IN-3/23/18881/14/1952Mark Crawley, MOJosephine Steinberger, IN
Barton, Stanley LloydJeff. Co. IN-6/21/19178/18/1943Joseph Taylor Barton, Clark Co. INLottie McDonald, Jeff. Co. IN
Baxter, CarlJeff. Co. IN-7/5/18881/5/1942David R. Baxter, INNaomi Briddle, IN
Bayless, Bushrod WhedonJeff. Co. IN-7/11/19241/5/1943Oliver Bayless, Jeff. Co. INIda Mann, Brechenridge Co. KY
Beach, Agnes EvelynJeff. Co. IN-12/28/189210/21/1942John A. Beach, INIda Ackerly, Henderson Co. KY
Bellamy, CarlJeff. Co. IN-12/7/19016/3/1943Berry Bellamy, WVARosa Garrett, Trimble Co. KY
Benham, Anna Hazel BentzMadison, IN-8/7/190012/27//1943Henry Bentz, PAAnnetta Close, VA
Bennett, Doris June AshleyMadison, IN-7/20/19257/27/1944Carl Ashley, Brooksburg, INAda Melton, Madison, IN
Berry, Jack WellingtonGlouster, OH-4/4/19194/21/1942Wilbur P. Berry, NCGoldie Mae Oliver, Glouster OH
Bodem, Jesse BelleJeff. Co. IN-7/12/19134/15/1944Joseph Bodem, Jeff. Co. INFreda Ackerman, Jeff. Co. IN
Bott, Albert RussellMadison, IN-11/16/19178/18/1943Albert Bott, Madison, INFlorence Cowan, Madison, IN
Bott, Frank KasperMadison, IN-7/15/18929/7/1944Frank Bott, Jeff. Co. InAnna Schreiber, PA
Bragg, Mary Nash SaundersNorfolk, VA-11/9/18824/6/1942Thomas M. Saunders, VARosa Nash, VA
Breeden, May Daisy YoungbloodCanaan, IN-5/29/18868/17/1944George Youngblood, ILAllie Baucum, Owen Co. KY
Breeden, WadeAnderson Co. KY-3/15/18844/4/1951James Breeden, KY Lucy Bonida, KY
Brenton, Edward H.Jeff. Co., IN-5/8/18766/15/1944George W. Brenton, Clark Co. INBeckie Haycock, Clark Co. IN
Bright, Leslie ClairSwitz. Co. IN-3/10/18902/13/1943Eugene Bright, Switz. Co. INJosephine Sailor, Switz. Co. IN
Brindley, Casper E.Switz. Co. IN-6/29/189810/5/1942Edward Brindley, Switz. Co. INMary Dow, Switz. Co. IN
Brinson, Charlotte JeanMadison, IN-3/20/19097/12/1944Roscoe Brinson, Jeff. Co, INNellie Demaree, Manville, IN
Brinton, CharlieClark Co. IN-1/29/187710/15/1942George Brinton, INRebecca Haycock, IN
Brook, BertJeff. Co. IN-8/2/189810/5/1950James W. Brook, Jeff. Co. INNellie Quail, Jeff. Co. IN
Brown, Bernice SternMadison, IN-1/15/19955/11/1945Isaac L Stern, Hamilton Co. OHRosa L. Stern, Madison, IN
Brown, Elmer HoveyWashington D. C.-7/7/18762/12/1943Edwin H Brown, ILLucy R. Green Brown, VT
Brown, LouisJeff. Co. IN-4/11/18816/2/1951Enoch J. Brown, Jeff. Co. INFannie Winscott, Jeff. Co. IN
Browning, John RobertJeff. Co. IN-6/11/19265.1/1944John Browning, KYEthel Grebe, Jeff. Co. IN
Buchanan, John R.Jeff. Co. IN-7/31/189011/7/1956Isaac Buchanan, INEtta Jackson, IN
Butterfield, Myrtle MaeJeff. Co. IN-11/23/18895/26/1952Edward Richardson, Madison, INAmanda Eldridge, Madison, IN
Callicott, ChesterJennings Co. IN-11//16/188210/14/1942Jesse H. Callicott, Johnson Co. INSarah Anderson, Jennings Co. IN
Callis, Levi CampbellTrimble Co. KY-11/14/190110/18/1952Addison Callis, KYJennie Perkinson, KY
Camerer, George A.Dayton, OH-6/19/18831/6/1953Gustavus A. Camerer, GERNancy Jane Henness, OH
Campbell, Mildred L. JohnsonMadison, IN-7/29/19307/15/1957William James Johnson, INLouise Eckert, IN
Cardinal, Donald LouisJeff. Co. IN-4/22/19327/5/1945Leonard L. Cardinal, Jeff. Co. INVirginia Myrtle Brown, Jeff. Co. IN
Cardinal, Virginia Myrtle BrownJeff. Co. IN- 7/9/19147/5/1945Joseph C. Brown, Jeff. Co. INBessie H. Jines, Jeff. Co. IN
Carr, Florence Mildred WatsonJeff. Co. IN-1/4/18896/5/1951Oliver F. Watson, Jennings Co. INSarah Etherton, Jeff. Co. IN
Caswell, James LeslieJeff. Co. IN-11/18/18964/22/1942William Henry Caswell, KYPhoebe Jane Moore, IN
Chambers, Clara BelleJeff. Co. IN-6/27/188211/7/1960John G. Mercer, Jeff. Co. INChristina Stites, Jeff. Co. IN
Chambers, Walter E.Jeff. Co. IN-6/13/188011/30/1943Charles Chambers, Jeff. Co. InMary Catherine Burton, Jeff. Co. IN
Chandler, Claude MatthewJeff. Co. IN-2/2/18972/2/1943Charles E. Chandler, Jeff. Co. INElizabeth Eppley, Jeff. Co. IN
Chandler, Sylvia C. LockridgeJeff. Co. IN-7/4/190710/30/1944Harry Lockridge, Jeff. Co. INMartha Pribble, Williamstown, KY
Chasteen, Jesse E.Jeff. Co. IN-3/8/18854/15/1950Joseph Chasteen, MNEliza Law, Jeff. Co. IN
Christman, Ruth JaneJeff. Co. IN-11/2/19126/27/1942Harry Christman, Jeff. Co. INCarrie Bliton, Carroll Co. KY
Claflin, George OscarJeff. Co. IN-10/11/18816/11/1953John Robert Claflin, Jeff. Co. INNancy Wallis, Clay Co. IN
Clements, Elizabeth CaswellHarrison Co. KY-6/3/1879William Caswell, KYAmanda Buck, KY
Clements, Fred DetragBrooksburg, IN-9/6/18933/15/1954Neal Clements, INJane Clements, IN
Clemmons, Nelson LeeClark Co. IN-3/4/18836/2/1955Charles L. Clemmons, INEmma S. Clemmons, IN
Coleman, Raymond LeRoyJeff. Co. IN-7/25/191011/15/1941Paul C. Coleman, INDora Roberts, IN
Colgate, William BranhamMadison, IN-/25/19033/15/1946Edward J. Colgate, Jeff. Co. INMaud H. Branham, Scott Co. KY
Conover, Estella Mae PepperMilford, KY-12/1/18986/4/1956William Pepper, OHHulda May Duncan, Milford, KY
Conover, William Robert (Sr.)Owen Co. KY-1/29/18966/4/1956David M. Conover, KYFrances Annie Conover, KY
Conway, Charles HenryJeff. Co. IN-3/17/18893/15/1943Laurence Conway, IREMatilda Ellis, Jeff. Co. IN
Cook, Elbert ClancyAthens Co. OH-12/12/18771/5/1942Wyatt Cook, OHPolly Beebe, OH
Cook, Hazel Matilda GrayFlint, AL-3/11/189811/27/1943Frank Gray, Scott Co. INEffie Mae Comingore, Jeff. Co. IN
Coppage, Jesse ArthurGrayson Co. KY-12/27/18798/17/1946William H. Coppage, Grayson Co. KyEmma Clements, Grayson Co. KY
Corya, Cassius M.Jeff. Co. IN-3/6/19851/23/1942Phillip A. Corya, INMary ?eyen, KY
Cowan, Jack ForrestMadison, IN-4/7/19263/4/1944John R. Cowan, Madison, INFrances Lovell, Madison, IN
Craig, Bertha WeathersJeff. Co. IN-2/6/188172/1946Commodore Weathers, Trimble Co. KYSarah Nichols, IN
Craig, William FranklinSwitz. Co. IN-9/23/191010/1/1942William Craig, KYAnna Slaughter, KY
Craig, William ThomasJeff. Co. IN-9/25/19154/19/1943John H. Craig, KYEffie Mikesell, Bedford, KY
Crewes, Jesse EverettGrundy Co. IL-11/7/190510/8/1943James A. Crewes, DENMARKLouise Bressner, IL
Crozier, Elmer Lyman CrozierMadison, IN-10/17/18744/12/1943William W. Crozier, Madison, INMinerva J. Lathrop, Madison, IN
Crozier, Hannah CobbJeff. Co. IN12/6/1880Arthur R. Wadsworth, Canaan, INMary J. Lewis, Bryantsburg, IN
Cull, William HermanTrimble Co. KY-6/26/19001/24/1954Titus Cull, Trimble Co. KYDora C. Cull, Rowan Co. KY
Dalhover, Louis EdwardMadison, IN-3/11/193110/17/1949Adam W. Dalhover, Jeff. Co. INCatherine Denning, Hamilton Co. OH
Danielson, Dorothy M. JessupMadison, IN-7/24/29043/15/1944Isriel W. Jessup, Jeff. Co. INCecelia Riedel, Jeff. Co. IN
Davis, Catherine E.Madison, IN-4/9/19369/2/1943Norman L. Davis, Carroll Co. KYMildred Jenkins, Madison, IN
Davis, Ethel M. FrancisSwitz. Co. IN-6/22/191210/16/1944Ed Francis, Switz. Co. INStella Jane Mathews, Jeff. Co. IN
Dean, Herman FraklinHanover, IN-8/28/19129/6/1955Clarence Dean, INLillie Dean, KY
Dean, Robert A.Jeff. Co. IN-5/25/ 192610/5/1942Francis Dean, Clark Co. INMyrtle Colston, Henry Co. IN
DeArmand, Ella GarlinghouseJeff. Co. IN-7/9/189411/13/1952Willard Garlinghouse, Switz. Co. INElizabeth Ashley, Jeff. Co. IN
DeArmand, FredricJeff. Co. IN-6/15/188810/28/1952Fredric DeArmand, GERMary Kenner, OH
Denny, Anna May Smart DennyJeff. Co. IN-3/18/18934/17/1942Thomas Smart, Jeff. Co. INElizabeth Schwartz, Jeff. Co. IN
Denny, Harvey JohnJeff. Co. IN-11/15/18914/17/1942John J. Denny, Ripley Co. INEffie L. Haines, Huntington Co. IN
Denny, Lawrence H.Jeff. Co. IN-8/17/18906/9/1955John J. Denny, INEffie L. Denny, IN
Denny, Nellie Clara ChadwellJeff. Co. IN-9/10/18966/9/1955Turner Chadwell, INBelle Chadwell, KY
Denny, William LeeLouisville, KY-1/1/18783/15/1943John Thompson
Dibler, Lila PogueMadison, IN- 9/16/18797/7/1945Thomas A. Pogue, Madison, INEllen V. Scheik, Madison, IN
Dierkes, HubertTrimble Co. KY-12/21/18822/2/1943John Dierkes, GERElizabeth Schneider, OH
Dolan, Charles EdwardMadison, IN-11/4/19289/5/1944William Dolan, Jeff. Co. INHazel Marie Green
Dortohy Brooking InglisMadison, IN8/31/1928John Moffett Inglis, Trimble Co. KYMary Brooking, Bell Co. KY
Drablos, Mary Josephine WeikertJeff. Co. IN-7/18/19054/13/1948Charles Weikert, Greenville, OHEdna Bramwell, Jeff. Co. IN
Duncan, Leroy ArthurWashington Co. IN-3/12/18976/16/1944William Duncan, Washington Co. INMinnie Martin, Washington Co. IN
Earls, Lotta Mae LeeTrimble Co. KY-5/15/18985/24/1943William Lee, Trimble Co. KYEva Callaway, Trimble Co. KY
Elliott, Don Dunham (Sr.)Dupot, IN-6/20/18895/24/1943Henry Dunham Elliott, Dark Co. OHHattie E. Peters, Dark Co. OH
Elliott, John EdsonVersailles, OH-10/6/18812/6/1945Henry D. Elliott, Darke Co. OHKatie E. Peters, Jay Co. IN
Estel, Gottfried ArthurPierce Co. NE-10/14/187912/20/1946Philip Samuel Estel, MOC. Sophia Knapp, GER
Ester, Clyde BernardRoseclare, IL-2/8/191510/12/1942Albert J. Ester, KYOllie Gibbs, AK
Etheridge, JamesMadison, IN-4/5/19286/22/1944Roy Etheridge, Golconda, ILIda M. Etheridge, Hartwick, MI
Evans, James EthelHenry Co. KY-6/19/18978/30/1944John Thomas Evans, Trimble Co. KYAnna Dunn, Carroll Co. KY
Ewald, Jessica Dellon ClemmonsJeff. Co. IN-8/15/188411/7/1945James Dellon Clemmons, Jeff. Co. KYMary A. Danner, Switz. Co. IN
Farley, Daniel AndersonTrimble Co. KY-7/23/18946/26/1944John Farley, Jeff. Co. INMary Ann Parker, Baton Rouge, LA
Fieder, Ethel Magdeline EadesLockport, KY-10/22/19161/30/1943Clarence Eades, Jeff. Co. INGeorgia Peak, IN
Finnegan, Lena CamererChattanooga, TN-5/17/18871/6/1953Gustavas Camerer, GERNancy Jane Henness, OH
Fisher, Mamie Effie DavidsonMadison, IN-12/24/1891Andrew Davidson, Madison, INMissouri Bivens, Madison, IN
Fitzgibbon, Ruth LoryMadison, IN-12/18/18911/22/1945Louis Wilson Lory, Cinc. OHSarah E. Dunn, Madison, IN
Flint, Earl LeoJeff. Co. IN-11/29/19083/16/1942Lee Flint, INAnna Linenweber, IN
Flint, Gerald ArthurRipley Co. IN-8/8/19206/3/1944Daniel Flint, Jeff. Co. INRoxanna Vawter, Ripley Co. IN
Flint, Lloyd FirthJeff. Co. IN-1/23/19113/16/1942Lee Flint, INAnna Linenweber, IN
Flint, Virgie ArvaJeff. Co. IN-6/22/19238/ /1943Daniel Flint, Jeff. Co. INRoxanna Vawter, Ripley Co. IN
Foreman, Elizabeth SharpDayton, IN-8/29/18944/17/1942Samuel Sharp, INLaura Jean Parker, IN
Francisco, Wanda EllenMadison, IN-10/29/19246/12/1943Lloyd Francisco, Madison, INRuth Shipley, Madison, IN
Frendenstein, HenryRipley Co. IN-9/18/19064/24/1944Delmer L. Frendenstien, Ripley Co. INSusan Bishop, Ripley Co. IN
Furnish, Thomas RuelJeff. Co. IN-6/19/199910/23/1951Edward Furnish, KYMariah Nichols, KY
Garber, Hugh GoodeJeff. Co. IN-6/11/189810/15/1942Michael C. Garber, Jeff. Co. INBlanche E. Goode, Jeff. Co. IN
Garrett, Norma Jean KrugerJeff. Co. IN-2/28/192511/24/1942Robert Milton Kruger, INBelauh Corman, KY
Gassert, LeRoy CliffordJeff. Co. IN -5/13/18987/5//1941Jacob Gassert, Trimble Co. KYKatie P. Kessler, Cinc. OH
Gentrup, Nellie Beatrice AshbyMadison, IN-9/19/19254/12/1945William S. Ashby, Trimble Co. KYRuby Yancey, Owen Co. KY
Gentrup, William F.Madison, IN-12/25.1884/2/1956William C. Gentrup, Jeff. Co. INMatilda Baker, Pittsburgh, PA
Gentrup, William HamiltonMadison, IN-12/25/18882/15/1943William Conrad Gentrup, Madison, INMatilda Bader, Madison, IN
Gercken, Zelda B. KellemsPerry Co. IN-2/10/1914James M. Kellems, Perry Co. INMaude Howell, Perry Co. IN
Geyman, Donald EugeneJeff. Co. IN-1/8/19179/5/1944Frank Geyman, INEdna Geyman, Butte, MT
Geyman, James VictorJeff. Co. IN-10/28/189811/14/1941Edward Geyman, INMattie Buchanan, IN
Gilles, Charles JosephJeff. Co. IN-10/1/19243/17/1942Clements E. Gilles, INMary Schafer, IN
Giltner, Nellie FrancesJeff. Co. IN-10/26/188710/17/1942Charles Henry Giltner, Jeff. Co. INIda Arabaelle Berry, Jeff. Co. IN
Goley, Donald V.Jeff. Co. IN-10/31/19184/22/1942Alfred Goley, Jeff. Co. INGertrude Ringwald, Jeff. Co. IN
Gordon, Walter RobertJeff. Co. IN -11/7/187911/5/1941George Gordon, Jeff. Co. INNettie Morton, Switz. Co. OH
Gosnell, WilliamCairo, IL-10/5/18642/5/1945Charles W. Gosnell, KYRebecca Thacker, Rockport, MO
Gray, Joan EllenJeff. Co. IN-5/17/19276/23/1943Jasper Gray, Switz. Co. INMable Fewell, Jeff. Co. IN
Gray, William ByranPendleton Co. KY-4/4/19001/14/1943Henry Thomas Gray, Pendleton Co. KYAnna Traylor, Pendleton Co. KY
Green, JamesTrimble Co. KY-6/1/1917Levi Green, WVALottie Lee, Trimble Co. KY
Gregory, Helen Cornelia CloseMadison, IN-1/9/19034/20/1945John Close, Scott Co. INChristine Uebel, Madison, IN
Griffin, Blanch Ada GarberMadison, IN-1/9/189410/4/1943Michael C. Garber, Madison, INBlanche Goode Garber, Madison, IN
Griffin, Cecil HermanJeff. Co. IN-4/18/190411/11/1942Joseph Griffin, Jeff. Co. INCora Mae Hall, Jeff. Co. IN
Grimes, Stella May VandeverOsceola, NE-1/12/18864/3/1952Burtes R. VandeverEliza Jane Beebey, Ripley Co. IN
Gwinn, John C.Owen Co. KY- 11/5/18813/16/1942Lewellyn Swinn, KY Angelin Old, KY
Hall, Charles D.Carroll Co. KY-8/8/189710/10/1942Charles H. Hall, Henry Co. KYAlta Baker, Aurora, IN
Hall, Joseph ArthurJeff. Co. IN-9/27/189210/6/1942Warner H. H. Hall, INNancy Jane Ferguson, IN
Hall, Minnie IreneJennings Co. IN-7/29/18945/26/1942James B. Hall, Jennings Co. INMargaret Ratliff, TN
Hamilton, Philip LloydJeff. Co. IN-11/29/19377/1/1953Everett Hamilton, Jeff. Co. INFreida Land, Jeff. Co. IN
Hancock, Marguerite P. ThomasJeff. Co. IN-2/2/18951/19/1943John Allen Thomas, Jeff. Co. INIrene Ann Prindle, Jeff. Co. IN
Hankins,Charles AbsalomJeff. Co. IN-1/12/18891/12/1944Charles Hankins, Jeff. Co. INEmma Simms, Clark Co. IN
Hardesty, Henry A.Jeff. Co. IN-12/3/19033/30/1942James H. Hardesty, INKate Andres, IN
Hargan, JamesJeff. Co. IN-6/13/19003/26/1942Harry Hargan, INCarolyn Howe, IN
Hart, Ova Syble BareJeff. Co. IN-8/3/19004/27/1955Daisy Almira Bay, Jeff. Co. IN
Hassfurder, Louis EarlJeff. Co. IN 3/19/19053/26/1945George Hassfurder, Jeff. Co. INSharlotte McCall, Jeff. Co. IN
Hauger, Bertha LucindaCrawford Co. IN-11/22/1886David Martin Hauger, INAmanda H. Lanman, IN
Heath, Henry HaroldJeff. Co. IN-11/7/19044/7/1942James F. Heath, INMary McCraken, IN
Heid, Jacob MichaelJeff. Co. IN-5/18/18933/15/1943Michael G. Heid, GERElizabeth Himler, Jeff. Co. IN
Heimback, Blanch Regina GrahamRipley Co. IN-12/14/19016/21/1943John M. Graham, INMary Emma Hash, IN
Hester, Leola HonchellJeff. Co. IN-2/24/19014/8/1944E. B. Honchell, Clay Co. KYSophia Jones, Clay Co. KY
Hewitt, Wilford CarrolPatriot, IN-12/31/1917Claude Hewitt, Patriot, INHarriett McMackin, Vevay, IN
Hoffman, Emma RutherfordTrimble Co. KY-8/13/18863/27/1951Harry Rutherford, INMary E. Wawter, KY
Holcroft, William BlainJeff. Co. IN-9/20/18827/10/1956Silas Holcroft, INSusan Jan McCoy, IN
Holwager, Bertha E.Jeff. Co. IN-11/22/19204/3/1942Albert Hollwager, INLena Klotzcher, IN
Hord, Jesse ClarenceJeff. Co. IN-10/11/194110/11/1941Benjamin Franklin Hord, Jeff. Co. INSusan Elizabeth Fields, Jeff. Co. IN
Hord, Ralph E.Jeff. Co. IN-3/28/189910/5/1942William A. Hord, Jeff. Co. INOda O. Stout, Scott Co. IN
Horton, Isaac WashingtonJeff. Co. IN-9/24/18819/18/1943James W. Horton, Jeff. Co. INMary Frances Cook, PA
Horton, WillardJeff. Co. IN-4/7/18773/20/1942James Henry Rea, Jeff. Co. InMary Brown, Jeff. Co. IN
Housefield, Hetty ElizaJeff. Co. IN-3/22/18881/14/1956Willt D. Nay, Jeff. Co. INEmily Susan Nay, Jeff. Co. IN
Housefiled, JesseJeff. Co. IN-5/11/18911/14/1956Charles F. Housefield, Jefferson, INNancy Ann Housefield, Jeff. IN
Huey, Mary CarolineIndpls. IN-8/27/19063/20/1957Virgil Linn Huey, Peoria Co. ILHarriet Mae Livingston, Ford Co. IL
Hughes, Harley LeeJeff. Co. IN-7/16/18951/30/1943James Franklin Hughes, Jeff. Co. INVelva Ogden, Jeff. Co. IN
Hughes, Robert EllsworthRipley Co. IN-11/11/18875/25/1942L. Burton Hughes, INAnna B. Niell, IN
Humphrey, John WoodfordJeff. Co. IN-1/27/18911/13/1945John L. Humphrey, Jeff. Co. INGertrude Craft, Jeff. Co. IN
Hutchings, LidaMadison IN-6/6/18781/5/1942Wm. D. Hutchings, Lex. KYMatilda Loehler, Springfld. OH
Hutsell, June LeRoyJeff. Co. IN-10/15/19241/22/1942Rhoda Hutsell, INTeddy Faflinger, IN
Ison, DaveDefeated Crk, KY,-9/17/19021/12/1942Elijah Ison, KYRebecca Ann Holcomb, KY
Ison, VironDefeated Crk. KY,-5/2/19081/12/1942Elijah Ison, KYRebecca Ann Holcomb, KY
Jackson, Andrew GeorgeJeff. Co. IN-12/7/18975/6/1944George Preston Jackson, Jeff. Co. INFreda Roberts, Jeff. Co. IN
Jackson, Nellie M. Welch BrinsonJeff. Co. IN-/1/19185/22/1944Ben Welch, Carroll Co. KYJosephine Smith, Carroll Co. KY
Jacobs, PaulMadison IN-3/10/19007/29/1943Killis Jacobs, Hopewell, INSarah Lowe, Madison, IN
Jenkins, JamesTrimble Co. OH-5/23/18768/9/1947Albert Jenkins, KYMargaret Carly, KY
Jessup, Asa RaymondJeff. Co. IN-5/7/19011/8/1942Charles W. Jessup, InEmma Graham, IN
Johnson, AaronJennings Co. IN-6/8/18861/12/1943John H. Johnson, OHMartha Smith, Jennings Co. IN
Johnson, Anna LouiseDupont, IN-10/17/19275/11/1944Harry Johnson, Jennings Co. INAnna Derington, Buchanan, TN
Johnson, Franklin TheodoreMadison, IN-3/9/19331/17/1944Elishia Johnson, Jeff. Co. INSarah Jane Edwards, Trimble Co. KY
Johnson, Gertrude GrahamJeff. Co. IN-10/29/18911/20/1943James W. Graham, N. Madison, INAnnie Beckett, Manville, IN
Johnson, Rotha Addicus CullMingo Co. WVA- 4/10/19054/20/1945Titus Cull, Trimble Co. KYDora B. Lancaster, Rown Co. KY
Johnston, Mabel HollisterMadison, IN-5/26/18818/2/1943Jeremiah Johnston, Albemarle, VAAnn L. Waggoner, IN
Jones, Burdsal VirgalJeff. Co. IN-6/16/19114/17/1943Jesse Jackson Jones, Trimble Co. KYEffie King, IL
Jones, Enola KobrickHardinsburg, KY-10/6/18866/28/1951Louis Payne, KYJulie DeHaven, KY
Kalb, Maggie Pearl FergusonCanaan, IN-8/21/18749/7/1943George Ferguson, Jeff. Co. INFrances Lovell, Jeff. Co. IN
Keel, Ira EdgarJeff. Co. IN-11/6/18746/3/1943Albert Keel, Jeff. Co. INEliza Slone, Jeff. Co. IN
Keel, Nettie McCauleyJeff. Co. IN-8/25/8782/13/1948Wm. McCauley, Jeff. Co. INEliza Sloan, Jeff. Co. IN
Keller, Jesse WalterKent, IN-5/31/1880Adam Keller, GEREmma Holwager, Jeff. Co. IN
Kelly, Clyde CharlesHarlan Co. KY-11/26/19152/8/1943John H. Kelly, Harlen Co. KYLucy A. Ely, Harlan Co. KY
Kimmel, Esther Belle MorrowPrestonville, KY-6/18/18941/30/1953Jeptha Morrow, Owenton, KYSusie Robbinson, KY
King Eva FlorenceJeff. Co. In-2/15/18836/11/1945Charles King, Jeff. Co. INMary B. Eldridge, Jeff. Co. IN
King, HarryBartholomew Co. IN-9/2/189910/21/1942James Wm. King, KYClara Eaglin, KY
King, Susie Frances SweeneyKY-10/15/18675/26/1944Reuben Sweeney, NEIrene Holt, VA
Kinney, Olive A. StuartJeff. Co. IN-3/8/18854/15/1944George M. Stuart, Jeff. Co. INRose Alice Wolf, Peoria, IL
Kirk, Rufus E.Jeff. Co. IN-2/6//18799/2/1944Isaac Newton Kirk, KYIsadora Imel, Jeff. Co. IN
Kirkey, Norman E. OkeChicago, IL-9/7/19164/25/1944William H. Oke, Ohio Co. INValla Richardson, Cinc. OH
Klein, Franklin Paul KleinMadison, IN-5/16/19296/15/1944Frank Klein, Madison, INThelma Taff, Indpls,IN
Klein, JosephineMadison, IN-1/4/191010/12/1944Joseph Klein, Madison, INIda Shanks, Madison, IN
Klein, Luella RykerJeff. Co. IN-9/29/18855/30/1945John H. Ryker, Jeff. Co. INMary Fugate, KY
Kleopfer, Charles RussellJeff. Co. IN-12/23/18991/5/1942Charles H. Kloepfer; INMary Ann Litson, IN
Kleopfer, Herman JacobJeff. Co. IN-2/12/189820/29/1945William Kleopfer, INElla Suter, IN
Koher, Vesta Dean GrayJeff. Co. IN 7/17/18985/24/1943Bruce Gray, Jeff. Co. INMatilda Slater, Jeff. Co. IN
Konkle, Mary EllenJeff. Co. IN-11/27/19256/11/1943Rea Konkel, Jeff. Co. INImagene Fagg, Jeff. Co. IN
Korbly, ElizabethMadison, IN-1/30/190410/16/1944Charles A. Korbly, Madison, INIsabel S. Palmer, Indpls. IN
Kyle, Joseph RobertJeff. Co. IN-5/31/18852/9/1942Joseph R. Kyle, INMinnie Baldwin, IN
Kyle, Mabel Irene DriggsJeff. Co. IN-9/21/18939/16/1944James Driggs, Jeff. Co. INElvina Monroe, Jeff. Co. IN
Lanham, Harry AlbertJeff. Co. IN-1/31/188610/20/1942Frank Lanham, Jeff. Co. INEva Todd, Jeff. Co. IN
Lauderbaugh, Lela RomansSwitz. Co. IN-9/29/189912/16/1944Wesley Romans, KYAlice Bryanton, KY
Lawler, Grace G. HordJeff. Co. IN-19/23.18886/1/1951Benjamin F. Hord, Jeff. Co. INSusanah E. Fields, Jeff. Co. IN
Lawson, Arthur JamesJeff. Co. IN-2/28/18763/4/1944Richard Lawson, ENGMartha Virginia Carter, OH
Lawson, Hilda UebelJeff. Co. KY-5/17/19134/24/1943John Uebel, Madison, INJulia Snow, Scott Co. IN
Leatherman, Ada L.Trimble Co. KY-8/11/188610/17/18957Liley Hood, Pepper Co. VAMary Ann Richmond, Trimble Co. KY
Lemen, Mary EmmaMadison, IN-5/13/19169/ /1944Luther N. Lemen, Jeff. Co. INBessie Backus, Locust, KY
Lemke, Bernice BinghamJeff. Co. IN-12/5/188910/18/1944Robert S. Bingham, Jeff. Co. INRose Moyers. Cumberland Gap, KY
Lendemann, Margaret N. CorrieMarion Co. IN-5/4/19044/13/1944Elwin E. Corrie, Jeff. Co. INMinnie Sullivan, Jeff. Co. IN
Lentz, Goldena BrownJeff. Co. IN-5/31/19095/24/1943DeMarcus Brown, Madison, INJulia Tennyson, Jeff. Co. IN
Lewis, Beatrice TaylorTrimble Co. KY-12/18/19191/20/1942Thomas Ray Taylor, KYVirginian Westrick, KY
Lichlyter, Nathan CarltonJeff. Co. IN-9/8/19056/29/1970Herbert Lichlyter, Jeff. Co. INLaura Marshall, Jeff. Co. IN
Lindsay, Myrtle M SkeenJeff. Co. IN-10/16/18896/8/1956Jonathan P. Skeen, INIda L. Skeen, IN
Lindsay, Ruth KatherineN. Vernon, IN-2/8/190311/9/1942Oscar A. Lindsay, Jeff. Co. INClera Naden, Jennings Co. IN
Littell, Jack ReaMadison, IN-5/25/ 19246/2/1942Earl Littell, Holton, INMaude Rusk, Madison, IN
Lockridge, Albert R.Madison, IN-7/29/18777/28/1944John Lockridge, Jeff. Co. INMary E. Moore, Madison, IN
Logsdon, Stanley V.Jeff. Co. IN-4/17/19298/14/1944Fred Logsdon, Barren Co. KYAnnie Hatcher, Barren Co. KY
Long, BarneyMadison, IN-9/12/189510/5/1942George F. Long, Ohio Co. INAddie L. Hunton, KY
Lotz, Mayme Lenora EarlsSwitz. Co. IN-11/9/189910/4.1943Strather B. Earls, KYMary N. Justice, KY
Lupton, Ida E. GarlinghouseJeff. Co. IN-10/3/189611/18/1952Willard Garlinghouse, Switz. Co. INElizabeth Ashley, Jeff. Co. IN
Lyon, George W.Jeff. Co. IN-4/29/187212/15/1956George W. Lyon, SCOTLNDSara Comley, Jeff. Co. IN
Maddex, Mary Louise CoquerCarrollton, KY-2/20/19093/11/1944Isom Coquer, Jeff. Co. INMahal Smith, IN
Mahan, Fred ZebJeff. Co. IN-4/12/19305/13/1944Irvin McMahan, Trimble Co. INEstella Peck, Cinc. OH
Manaugh, Charles OthelJeff. Co. IN-3/22/19021/2/1953Charles Manaugh, INAllie Hall, In
Manaugh, Hursel ConwayJeff. Co. IN-12/13/19991/2/1953Charles Wallace Manaugh, INAllie Hall, IN
Marcus, MinnieBialostok ,RU-3/15/19036/19/1962Louis Schusterman, Bialostok, Russia
Marker, Alice Carry McLellan Jeff. Co. IN-4/5/19056/26/1942George McLellan, INFlorence Jenkins, IN
Marten, Gertrude KingJeff. Co. IN-8/22/19058/25/1943Albert King, Grant Co. KYIsabell Osborne, Owen Co. KY
Martin, Eva Ann KoontzMonroe Co. IN-10/5/18941/2/1953Wm. Henry Koontz, INMelissie Worley, IN
Martin, Howard RaymondJeff. Co. IN-11/22/19034/6/1942Samuel W. Martin, INVannie Victoria Nay, IN
Martin, Robert EarlMonroe Co. IN-8/8/18941/2/1953Leoria Martin, INLuisa E. Brough, IN
Mason, LawrenceOwen Co. KY-1/9/189910/11/1943William Mason, KYSallie Clifton
Massey, Alice Josephine MurphyCarroll Co. KY-5/8/18756/14/1946Benton Murphy, Boone Co. KYMaria Sims, Henry Co. KY
Maureader, EthelDupont, IN-8/29/19013/11/1944George Maureader, INHannah Hollgarth, Switz. Co. IN
Mayfield, Nathan PowellJeff. Co. IN-7/17/18923/16/1942James Samuel Mayfield INLaura Littrell, IN
McDowell, George AddisonJeff. Co. IN-9/2/19283/31/1944Warren McDowell, Trimble Co. KYBessie Murray, Brooksburg, IN
McFarland, Mable GertrudeJeff. Co. IN-10/28/19011/4/1944Walter McFarland, INAnna Cosby, Jeff. Co. IN
McKeand, Marshall LochardJeff. Co. IN-11/6/19004/17/1943John L. McKeand, Jeff. Co. INAda Marshall, Jeff. Co. IN
McMee, William GarrettJennings Co. IN-2/12/192711/9/1944William McMee, KYSallie Cracroft, KY
McMillen, RuebenRipley Co. IN-4/23/189410/6/1944Charles W. McMillin, Ripley Co. INAnna Carter, Osgood, IN
Means, Mamie LouiseJeff. Co. IN-11/13/19342/8/1943James Means, Jeff. Co. INMary Shelton, Owen Co. KY
Mefford, Cecil ClaudeOwen Co. KY-8/27/19009/21/1943James D. Mefford, KYRosie Wainscott, Gratz Co. KY
Messmore, JosephMadison, IN-7/2/18798/3/1944Joshua Messmore, Jeff. Co. INMary Goley, Jeff. Co. IN
Micksell, Robert C.Trimble Co. KY-7/22/18796/19/1944Siman Peter Micksell, KYNancy B. Monroe, KY
Mikesell, Maude DavisLaurenceburg, KY-3/15/19999/2.1947George W. Davis, KYDella Jane Cox, KY
Mikesell, Max ThomasJeff. Co. IN-4/30/19238/ /1943Sidney Mikesell, KYIrene Barnes, Madison, IN
Miller, Edwin LouisN. Madison, IN-5/12/19079.25.1946Richard W. Miller, Ann Arbor MIHelen Molkintina, Brooklyn NY
Mires, Peter FranklinOwen Co. KY-7/16/188611/9/1946George W. Mires, Jeff. Co. INDee Neville, Owen Co. KY
Mitchell, Mary WoolfMadison, IN-11/7/19166/18/1964William Woolf, Allen Co. INCarrie Cutshall, Scott Co. IN
Monroe, Walter MarionBrooksburg, IN-5/27/18852/20/1945George W. Monroe, Brooksburg, INNancy Slater, Jeff. Co. IN
Moore, Edith BraySwitz. Co. IN-1/28/18817/1/1944David Bray, INAmanda Anderson, IN
Moore, Ruba May PattersonJeff. Co. IN-3/13/19279/28/1943Joseph Patterson, Jeff. Co. INAda Louis Welch, Owen Co. I|KY
Moreland, Edgar WalterMadison, IN-4/24/19072/21/1945Sam C. Moreland, Trimble Co. KYAgnes Ball, Jeff. Co. IN
Morgan, Betty FernBartholomew Co. IN-3/13/19250/5/1942Wayne Morgan, Clark Co. INBessie Winters, Carroll Co. KY
Morgan, Donald EugeneDayton, OH-6/24/19298/10/1946Gilbert Lee Morgan, Bedford, KYAllene Stockdale, Bedford, KY
Morgan, Forrest WayneN. Madison, IN-7/12/19275/19/1945Wayne Morgan, Jeffersonville, INBessie O. Winters, Carroll Co. KY
Mountjoy, Herbert TaylorCleveland, OH-4/17/188310//28/1952Joseph Mountjoy, Alexandria, VAElla Morton, Jeff. Co. IN
Murphy, Clifford V.Crawford Co. IN-2/28/18754/22/1944Jesse Murphy, Switz. Co. INRachel Cunningham, Switz. Co. IN
Murphy, Jane DwightRipley Co. IN-12/16/1911Clifford V. Murphy, Crawford Co. INSarah C. Murphy, Jeff. Co. IN
Murphy, Jesse DwightRipley Co. IN-12/16/191112/12/1942Clifford V. Murphy, Crawford Co. INSarah C. Denny, Jeff. Co. IN
Muster, Dorothy June FryIowa Ctr. IA-4/4/19186/22/1945Forrest D. Linton, Lebanon, INNellie Ethel Fry, Iowa Ctr. IA
Nayle, Mary Licille BucklesWadley, AL-10/29/19204/19/1952H. A. Buckles, INBertha Todd, IN
Neal, Bess Hampton GarberMadison, IN-6/9/19068/29/1964Michael Garber, Madison, INBessie Hampton, Carroll Co. IN
Neal, Lloyd GilbertTrimble Co. KY-6/12/190110/8/1952John Neal, Rising Sun, INSarah J. Holsclaw, Trimble Co. KY
Neal, Mabel LitsonMadison, IN-8/27/8993/14/1944Melvin Litson, Jeff. Co. INLelah Williams, Jeff. Co. IN
Needler, Paul DonaldHartford City. IN-5/12/192411/4/1942Harold Needler, Hartford City. INDorothy Cook, Hartford City. IN
Nicklaus, Mary ArmandJeff. Co. IN-3/15/18868/29/1946Frederick Armand, FRMary Kerner, Cinc. OH
Noll, William FrederickMadison, IN-2/8/18810/5/1946Fred Noll, Madison, INClara Kestner, Madison, IN
O’Neal, Tyrona AndrewJeff. Co. IN-11/20/19053/29/1944Manless O’Neal, KYLeila Ads, IN
Oliver, Pearl ParksShelby Co. KY-10/16/18974/20/1944Ben T. Parks, KYLibby Francisco, Paris Crossing, IN
Olney, Lillian Jeannette YunkerJeff. Co. IN-7/27/18966/25/1943Edward Yunker, Jeff. Co. INLillian Chadwick, Madison, IN
Padgett, Virgil DewainJeff. Co. IN-11/11/19157/3/1942Horace Padgett, Jeff. Co. INOllie Ford, Jeff. Co. IN
Park, Herbert Jeff. Co. IN-6/2/18894/20/1944Samuel Park, Jeff. Co. INElizabeth Martin, Switz. Co. IN
Parker, Lula CampbellRipley Co. IN-9/7/19027/21/1943Birney Campbell, Jeff. Co. INElizabeth Lee, Jeff. Co. IN
Parks, John WesleyJohnson Co. IN-6/1/19983/16/1942Samuel B. Parks, INClara Bell McCarty, IN
Parsons, John W.Jeff. Co. IN-7/26/189311/6/1942James Parsons, KYAlice M. Wilson, Jeff. Co. IN
Pate, Samuel J.Utica, KY-5/8/18846/18/1951J. C. Pate, TNRhoda Bartlett, KY
Patterson, Ruth T. M. RyceKenton Co. KY-5/12/19144/24/1944Samuel F. Ryce, Alexandria, KYEvlyn Alma Ross, Newport, KY
Pavey, Eva ViolaSwitz. Co. IN-2/9/18751/10/1944John David Pavey, Jeff. Co. INJane Griffith, Switz. Co. IN
Pavey, Mabel CourtneyMadison, IN-2/3/19001/8/1942Charles Courtney, INJesse Lee Turner, KY
Peake, CharlesJeff. Co. IN-6/12/18883/23/1945John Peake, Jeff. Co. INEliza Hankins, Jeff. Co. IN
Peddie, FrederickMadison, IN-10.26/189410/5/1959James Peddie, IASusan Ebb, IN
Pendergraph, Alfreda RobinsJeff. Co. IN-4/24/188110/31/1944Valentine Robbins, Scott Co. INSarah E. Clark, Scott Co. IN
Pendleton, Susie IddingsJeff. Co. IN-9/15/18903.13/1944Samuel L. Iddings, OHEliza J. Beavers, Jeff. Co. IN
Perkinson, Arthur LeeColumbus, IN-6/11/19304/2/1943John Perkinson, Trimble Co. KYOveda Handlon, Trimble Co. KY
Pernett, Kathryn NormaMadison, IN-3/4/19183/31/1943Thomas H. Joyce, INNellie, IN
Perry, James HerbertMadison, IN-9/16/19316/15/1944Robert Perry, Indpls. INEdna Todd, Carroll Co. KY
Perry, Joseph WilliamJeff. Co. IN-6/4/19286/15/1944Robert Perry, Indpls. INEdna Todd, Carroll Co. KY
Peters, Fannie Izetta WaltonJeff. Co. IN-3/25/188811/14/1941William B. Walton, INMary Fields, IN
Petzhold, Wilma McCordMadison, IN-7/29/19045/24/1943William McCord, KYDorothia Khan, Jeff. Co. IN
Pheasant, Lemeth AndrewJeff. Co. IN-8/16/187510/8/1942George W. Pheasant, Jeff. Co. INVirginia Blake, Jeff. Co. IN
Potter, Dorothy AileenMadison, IN- 2/20/19372/14/1944George Potter, Madison, INJulia King, Madison, IN
Potter, Minnie RobertaMadison, IN-11/21/19342/26/1944George Potter, Madison, INJulia King, Madison, IN
Powell, George RandolphMadison, IN-7/30/19052/19/1944William H. Powell, KYLena Smith, Jeff. Co. IN
Prenatt, MaryMadison, IN-8/24/188810/15/1953Edward M. Prenatt, Madison, INLucy Teague Prenatt, KY
Price, Belva Lockwood RobisonSplit Log, MO-1/28/18886/20/1948Victor Robison, New Wash. INMatilda Davis, Jeff. Co. IN
Quail, William W.Jeff. Co. IN-6/6/19042/5/1943Clarence Quail, Jeff. Co. INMary Turner, Jeff. Co. IN
Quinn, Betty LucilleMadison, IN-12/14/19171/29/1944Michael Quinn, Madison, INElizabeth Hirsh, Madison, IN
Rains, Rinda Fritzler Jeff. Co. IN -12/28/188710/17/1941John Henry Fritzler, Berlin, GERIdella Haskall, IN
Raisor, George WesleySanders, KY-11/25/18917/10/1956George Marion Raison, KYSusie Elizabeth Frazier, KY
Raisor, Harold D.Brooksburg, IN-10/15/19116/24/1944Dow Raisor, KYPearl McCord, KY
Raisor, Mary Louise BodemJeff. Co. IN-3/17/19193/20/1944Joseph Bodem, Jeff. Co. INFreida Ackerman, Jeff. Co. IN
Raisor, Walter WilliamMuncie, IN-2/19/191011/9/1942Dow Raisor, Owen Co. KYPearl A. McCord, Fairmont, WVA
Ramaly, Allen EdwinGriffin, IN-8/6/19115/25/1942John RamalyLarada Hill
Rankin, Opha H. HutsellJeff. Co. IN-8/16/19006/16/1953H. J. Hutsell, Jeff. Co. INMary C. McDonald, Jeff. Co. IN
Rea, Rollie MansfieldJeff. Co. IN-4/26/28863/20/1942George W. Rea, INSarah J. Imel, IN
Reckner, Carrie Edna BuchananJeff. Co. IN-3/20/18803/1/1946Andre Young Buchanan, Jeff. Co. INMary S. Poston, Switz. Co. IN
Redfield, Ester L.Jeff. Co. IN-3/27/18929/14/1944John B. Housefield, Cinc. OHSophia Snarsberg, Cinc. OH
Reed, Daisy OpalJeff. Co. IN-12/14.18954/15/.1943Frederick Reed, Jeff. Co. INEmma Allen, Clark Co. IN
Reed, Pearl AnnJeff. Co. IN-2.3.18847/26/1945Edward E. Reed, Jeff. Co. INElnora Jane Giltner, Clark Co. IN
Reed, WilliamSwitz. Co. IN-1/15/18806/28/1944John W. Reed, Switz. Co. INMary Adams, Switz. Co. IN
Richey, Stanley JenningsJeff. Co. IN-1/8/189710/11/1951John Marion Richey, INMillie Crim, IN
Riedel, Mary AdelaideJeff. Co. IN-9/24/19052/23/1954Wesley M. Riedel, Jeff. Co. INAddie Shipman, Jeff. Co. IN
Riehm, Flora JordonRipley Co. IN-2/21/1879Martin JordonEmma Millett, MO
Ringwald, Edger FranklinJeff. Co. IN-6/13/1888Peter E. Ringwald, INMargaret Ackerman, IN
Ringwald, Margaret MabelJeff. Co. IN-2/23/19285//1944Frank H. Ringwald, Jeff. Co. INEmma
Risk, Ralph LoyasCanaan, IN-11/3/191610/21/1942Donie Risk, Canaan, INMabel Steele, Canaan, IN
Ritchie, Arthur DeanJeff. Co. IN -9/24/188310/4/1942Walter Ritchie, Jeff. Co. INSarah Ann Amsdan, Jeff. Co. IN
Robbins, Norman LeroyTrimble Co. Ky-3/ 30/19282/14/1944Robert Callis Robbins, Trimble Co. KYNellie Mae Knoebel, Madison, IN
Roberts, OscarLee Co. KY-11/15/19116/19/1943John C. Roberts, Lee Co. KYBetty McIntosh, Lee Co. KY
Roberts, Vena LavalineJeff. Co. IN-5/7/19246/14/1943Oliver Roberts, Switz. Co. INHattie Ellis, Switz. Co. IN
Roberts, William AlfordLee County, KY-3/27/19106/19/1943John C. Roberts, Lee Co. KYBetty McIntosh, Lee Co. KY
Robinson, WilliamMilton, KY-2/22/18888/1/1944William Robinson, ILNancy Wise, KY
Rogers, JohnJeff. Co. IN-2/14/18756/12/1943James M. Rogers, Jeff. Co. INAgnes Storie, Jeff. Co. IN
Rogers, Lee AlvinJeff. Co. IN-2/19/18921/30/1943Albert Rogers, Jeff. Co. KYVictoria Hankins, Jeff. Co. IN
Rose, Freda Mary KathleenJeff. Co. IN-10/10/191410/17/1942John Whitham, Ripley Co. INGrace Barnes, Grant Co. KY
Rush, Chester AlbertJeff. Co. IN-12/19/188901/26/1942Charles Rush, INLena Keller, IN
Ryker, Arthur ClydeJeff. Co. IN-9/28/189510/15/1943Benjamin H. Ryker, Jeff. Co. INMary Lowes, Switz. Co. IN
Sark, Harold JamesSt. Louis, MO-10/3/19123/16/1942William Sark, INLydia Johnson, IN
Schmidlapp, BessieJennings Co. IN-1/16/18985/26/1942James B. Hall, Jennings Co. INMargaret Ratliff, TN
Schnabel, FredMadison, IN-12/15/18829/25/1944George Schnabel, Jeff. Co. INSusanna Laurence, Jeff. Co. IN
Schnabel, William ElwinMadison, IN-12/10/19036/3/1943William Schnabel, Madison, INSusan Mote, Starke Co. OH
Scott, Anna Jean KramerHanover, IN-9/15/18989/5/1962Charles E. Kramer, Jeff. Co. INMary Elizabeth Bruner, Jeff. Co. IN
Scott, Arthur L.Wirt, IN-9/10/18991/4/1944Moses R. Scott, Clark Co. INRilla Agnes Scott, Howard Co. IN
Scott, Frank AllenJeff. Co. IN-11/6/19183/27/1943Roy G. Scott, Jeff. Co. INJulia Buchanan, KY
Scott, Laura LeeJeff. Co. In-10/30/19265/19/1945Laurence Scott, Clark Co. INAnna Jean Kremer, Jeff. Co. IN
Selig, Farris DeanMadison, IN-1/12/18899/26/1944George Selig, AustsriaAdrian Potter, Jeff. Co. IN
Selig, John W.Jeff. Co. IN-2/17/18953/17/1942John W. Selig, INMary Cathrine Adcock, KY
Shallenberger, Grace LauraineFayette Co. PA-6/1/18854/5/1945Walter Shallenberger, Fayette Co.,PAMargret Morrison, Somerset Co. PA
Shelton, Stralsie OpalOwen Co. KY-11/5/192510/1/1943Leonard Shelton, Owen Co. KYHallie Ellis, Owen Co. KY
Sherman, GlennJeff. Co. IN-2/17/18953/16/1942David W. Sherman, INRebecca Lockridge, IN
Shinness, Clarence AlbertJeff. Co. IN-3/11/189712/22/1942Albert J. Shinness, OHEmma Singer, IN
Short, CarraleeMadison, IN-7/8/19342/18/1944Cecil Short, Madison, INLillian Schoenstein, Madison, IN
Short, Charles RalphWayne Co. IN-9/12/19322/18/1944Cecil Short, Madison, INLillian Schoenstein, Madison, IN
Short, JoannMadison, IN-3/5/19312/18/1944Cecil Short, Madison, INLillian Schoenstein, Madison, IN
Silburn, Lilla G. ReedHanover, IN-8/18/188811/10/1944George Chalmers Reed, Lebanon, INMary Agnes Currie, Hanover, IN
Sims, Durbin GuthrieFayette Co. IN-12.23/18909/28/1956Mac Sims, Fayette Co. INFannie E. Silvey, Fayette Co. IN
Singer, Carl RobertOsgood, IN-4/22/190810/27/1942Robert C. Singer, INLouisa Stevens, IN
Skaggs, LeonardLarue Co. KY-3/4/18737/4/1942James Skaggs, KYLouise Hall, KY
Smith, Arta Bell ChambersJeff. Co. IN-3/6/19025/21/1945John Chambers, Jeff. Co. INClara Mouser, Jeff. Co. IN
Smith, Druzilla Jane RogersJeff. Co. IN-12/20/187911/3/1944Barton W. Rogers, Jeff. Co. INElizabeth Nay, Jeff. Co. IN
Smith, Ernest HerbertJeff. Co. IN-2/1/18874/20/1942Andy Smith, Jeff. Co. INNettie Weber, GER
Smith, Grace A.Jeff. Co. IN-1/30/18944/20/1942Andy Smith, Jeff. Co. INNettie Weber, GER
Smith, Harry B.Lake Co. IN-6/13/19025/21/1945James W. Smith, Jeff. Co. INSallie Baker, Henry Co. KY
Smitley, Lewis GarfieldCrawford Co. IN-8/9/18802/22/1947Xavier F. Smitley, SwitzerlandAnn Mary Sutter, Switerland
Spann, Doris AnnaJeff. Co. IN-8/18/19313/15/1943Harry Kelso Spann, Jeff. Co. INDemey Scalf, Trimble Co. KY
Spaulding, FletcherSwitz. Co. IN-10/31/18661/1/1947W. J. Spaulding, OHElizabeth Lostetter, Switz. Co. IN
Spencer, Edith RuthJohnson Co.-4/5/189310/9/1941Grafton Spencer, Johnson Co. INLena Hackney Spencer, Shelby Co. IN
Spencer, Morris DavidJeff. Co. IN-10/10/189911/25/1941Orson Spencer, Jeff. Co. INBessie Cotton, Switz. Co. IN
Spohr, Emma Dold KramerJeff. Co. IN-7/29/18761/8/1949John A. Kramer, GERArthena Schelliday, Jeff. Co. IN
Stafford, Pearl Leota MathewsCanaan, IN-11/1/18845/25/1943John Mathews, Jeff. Co. INClementine Buchanan, Jeff. Co. IN
Staub, Elmo L. McMeeJennings Co. IN-11/8/19253/16/1942William McMee, TNSallie Crecraft, KY
Stearns, George EdwardRock Island, IL-11/1/18936/4/1946Edward Stearns, Ripley Co. INCatherine Gardner, Jeff. Co. IN
Steele, Paul DwightJeff. Co. IN-7/27/18961/20/1945Housen Steele, Hardin Co. KYSusan M. Steele, Jeff. Co. IN
Steele, Sallie LouiseJeff. Co. IN-1/18/18833/22/1945Housen Steele, Hardin, KYSusan M. Steele, Ripley Co. IN
Stephan, Letha BerniceJeff. Co. IN-10/27/19266/11/1943Bernard Stephan, Jeff. Co. INJudy Jackson, Ripley Co. IN
Stephanus, Charles AlfredMadison, IN-6/18/190412/ /1944Peter Stephanus, Madison, INCarolyn Walen, Madison, IN
Stephen, Bernard WilliamJeff. Co. IN-1/22/19259/4/1943Bernard Stephen, Jeff. Co. IN?uda Jackson, Ripley Co. IN
Stephenson, Mary BetBrooksburg, IN-4/21/19266/28/1944William Stephenson, Covington, KYMabel Yarber, Carrollton, KY
Stewart, Janet ColleenJeff. Co. IN-6/24/19275/31/1945Leonard Stewart, Madison, INMartha Mein, Trimble Co. KY
Stillhammer, Mary K. RaisorGallatin Co. KY-6/16/1918George Raisor, KYStella Hussong, KY
Stout, Alfred L.Jeff. Co. IN-6/6/188611/18/1955Elias B. Stout, Jeff. Co. INAnnie B. Corya, Jeff. Co. IN
Stout, Nellie M.Jeff. Co. IN-5/14/188411/18/1955Elias B. Stout, Jeff. Co. INAnnie B. Corya, Jeff. Co. IN
Strong, ClydeChampaign Co. IL-8/8/18963/15/1943John M. Strong, Champaign Co. ILZella Porter, Sidney, IL
Sutter, Claude DelmaCarroll Co. KY-4/13/18973/31/1945David Sutter, Owen Co. KYTilley Nora, Carroll Co. KY
Sutton, Freda O. M. OsburneMadison, IN-9/26/19042/24/1945Robert Osburne, Grant Co. KyLutrecy Shaffer, Grant Co. KY
Taff, Virgil CharlesJeff. Co. IN-11/5/190412/18/1953Frank Taff, INDaisy Wilson, IN
Taylor, MerrittSwitz. Co. IN-3/2/18786/1/1943Aaron Taylor, INElizabeth McHatton, Boone Co. KY
Thinnes, Catherine LouiseJeff. Co. IN-3/5/19233/20//1945Mathias J. Thinnes, Jeff. Co. INMary Cardula Schafer, Jeff. Co. IN
Thinnes, Charles EdwardJeff. Co. IN-3/28/19273/20/1945Mathias J. Thinnes, Jeff. Co. INMary Cardula Schafer, Jeff. Co. IN
Thinnes, Margaret LauraJeff. Co. IN-4/8/19303/20/1945Mathias J. Thinnes, Jeff. Co. INMary Cardula Schafer, Jeff. Co. IN
Thinnes, Mary MatildaJeff. Co. IN-3/4/19253/20/1945Mathias J. Thinnes, Jeff. Co. INMary Cardula Schafer, Jeff. Co. IN
Thomas, Robert NewtonJeff. Co. IN-7/30/189311/27/1943Commodore F. Thomas, Jeff. Co. INDaisy Gray, Jeff. Co. IN
Thomas, William Ling (Jr.)Madison, IN-2/28/19174/15/1944Ling Thomas, Jeff. Co. INElva housefield, Jeff. Co. IN
Tibblas, Eugene LeonelCenterville, OH-12/2/189797/24/1947William Tibbals, OHElizabeth Allen, OH
Tilley, JohnGallatin Co. KY-10/5/186712/4/1944John Tilley, KYMyria Edwards, KY
Tilley, Lloyd TheodoreCarrollton, KY-12/6/19051/13/1951John Elmore Tilley, Gallatin, Co. KYEva Haines, Carroll Co. KY
Tilley, Rillie HazelCarroll Co. KY-10/13/189212/4/1944John Tilley, Gallatin Co. KYEva Haines, Carroll Co. KY
Tilley, WillardMingo Co. WVA-7/25/19186/19/1943John Tilly, KYWankina Cull, Trimble Co. KY
Tree, Ruth A. L. GrimmS. Bend, IN-11/17/19153/16/1942Paul Grimm, GER.Hattie Ceinbush, IN
Tucker, Glen GaryClark Co. IN-5/28/19324/1/1944Cecil Tucker, Jeff. Co. INMary Smith, Clark Co. IN
Tucker, Mary SmithClark Co. IN-4/1/19104/1/1944William Smith, Trimble Co. KYNettie Boyer, IN
Turner, Mary JaneMadison, IN-11/8/19362/29/1944Glenn Turner, Madison, INDaisy Crafton, Jeff. Co. IN
Turner, SelbeyJeff. Co. IN-7/31/188510/6/1941John Thomas Turner, Trimble Co. KYMary E. Kennedy, IN
Turner, WaukinaTrimble Co. KY-4/10/18983/16/19959Titus Cull, Trimble Co. KYDora C. Lancaster, Rowan Co. KY
Underwood, JoannJeff. Co. IN-2/14/1939Robert A. UnderwoodBettie Jean Copelalnd, Jeff. Co. IN
Underwood, Leanna E. JeffriesRipley Co. IN-8/13/18784/24/1945John L. Jeffries, Jeff. Co. INCaroline Suter, Jeff. Co. IN
Underwood, Samuel CalvinJeff. Co. IN-1/22/18786/3/1943William Underwood, Jeff. Co. INLottie Roberts, IL
VanLanningham, Bessie BramwellJeff. Co.IN-4/30/18793/16/1946Joseph Bramwell, Jeff. Co. INAmanda E. Jones, Johnson Co. IN
Vanvolkenburg, FloydRipley Co. IN-4/4/19133/28/1942James Vanvolkenburg, INNettie Dean, IN
Varble, Cecile Ora SmithJeff. Co. IN-7/4/1915Benjamin Smith, Jeff. Co. INMargaret Galbreath, IN
Vaughn, Velma LeeJeff. Co, IN-12/17/192410/31/1942Clare VaughnAlene Danner, Jeff. Co. IN
Vawter, Rhoyden F.N. Madison, IN-1/16/18953/20/1905Frank C. Vawter, IndLillian Vawter, Jeff. Co. IN
Vernon, Muriel LarimoreJeff. Co. IN-10/5/18961/18/1943Charles Larimore, Jeff. Co. INPriscilla Schnaitter, Canada
Vestal, Frances Willard WarrenNewberry, MI-4/23/18979.5.1945Arvin Warren, MIKate McGregor, MI
Vestal, Hoyt WilburJeff. Co. IN-4/30/19056/2/1942Pryor Vestal, Ripley Co. INZepha McLaughlin, Jeff. Co. IN
Wakefield, Jacob OtisSwitz. Co. IN-1/9/18831/18/1944James I. Wakefield, Switz. Co. INCatherine Saylor, Switz. Co. IN
Walker, James LeonardJeff. Co. IN-10/5/189810/15/1942W. W. Walker, Jeff. Co. INJennie McNeil, Jeff. Co. IN
Walker, Mabel LanhamBrooksburg, IN-10/12/189510/12/1943George W. Lanham, Canaan, INHarriet Woartman, Canaan, IN
Wallace, Gayle AlexanderOwen Co. KY-3/24/189811/24/1942John Wallace, Owen Co. KYMary Morris, Owen Co. KY
Wallace, William GentrupMadison, IN-1/30/19306/19/1944John Wallace, Carroll Co. KYRuth Wallace, Madison, IN
Walts, Frances Marie EaglinMadison, IN-12/6/19231/15/1944Floyd Eaglin, Madison, INSarah Elizabeth Lory, Madison, IN
Warren, Bernice Emma BoltonCarolina, WY-4/9/19154/6/1943Oscar Bolton, Clay Co. KYMillie Mae McClure, KY
Weatherford, ChesterJeff. Co. IN-2/24/18881/7/1942Solomon Weatherford, INSarah Mitchell, IN
Weathers, John WesleyCarroll Co. KY-2/25/18771/112/1942Commodore Perry Withers, KYSarah Nevada Nichols, KY
Weaver, Laurence AlfordJeff. Co. IN-9/16/19016/2/1943Clarence C. Weaver, Vevay, INLelonia J. Alford, Logansport, IN
Weber, Raymond McKayJeff. Co. IN-1/19/19096/30/1942Fred Weber, INNina McKay, IN
Webster, Earl AbrahamScott Co. IN-3/9/18941/28/1942James Webster, INRose Sherer, IN
Wehner, Charles RobertJeff. Co. IN-10/7/1918Charles Wehner, Jeff. Co. INLetha Kessler, Jeff. Co. IN
Wehner, Thelma Erlene BurkeJeff. Co. IN-12/19/19252/16/1945Luther Burke, Carroll Co. KYMinnie Reed, Jeff. Co. IN
Wesbecker, Mary Jan AlveyTroy, IN-6/5/19039/5/1951Lindsey Alvey, Perry Co. INLucresia McPeck, Perry Co. IN
Whisman, Cortes JacksonWolfe Co. KY-12/25/18931/3/1945Hiram Whisman, Wolfe Co. KYLaura E. Childers, Wolfe Co. KY
Whitaker, Clare WilmaCarrollton, KY-1/8/18869/10/1947Wm. M. Whitaker, KYRose Ann Deweese, Switz. Co. IN
Whitham, Harvey RayJeff. Co. IN-9/4/9181/24/1944Joseph R. Whitham, Jeff. Co. INHattie Chambers, Jeff. Co. IN
Wikle, AudreyWabash Co. IN-9/28/18924/5/1943Benjamin K. Wikle, Wabash Co. INLadell Pratt, Wabash Co. IN
Wilhelm, Clarence AlertHanover, IN-12/21/190311/21/1955Eugene Allen Wilhelm, Madison, INLula Mae Shuck, Hanover, IN
Wilking, Stayton WilliamIndpls. IN-1/12/19151/27/1943Alfred Wilking, Indpls. INRuby Stucker, Jeff. Co. IN
Willaim Raymond SargentTrimble Co. IN-4/19/19316/25/1945Raymond Lee Sargent, Henry Co. KYFrances Boldery, Trimble Co. KY
Williams, Charles RaeJeff. Co. IN-9/30/1889/20/1944Robert A. Williams, Jeff. Co. INHavana Baxter, Jeff. Co. IN
Williams, Jessie Mae TaylorJeff. Co. IN-5/4/188910/9/1943Calvin C. Taylor, Jeff. Co. INFannie Cunliffe, Jeff. Co. IN
Williams, William MerrittClark Co. IN-3/13/18904/7/1943David Williams, INMelvina Lathers, KY
Willick, George JosephMadison, IN-7/30/18976/29/1943Peter Willick, Madison, INMary Weber, Madison, IN
Willick, Sarah Elizabeth SkirvinCarroll Co. KY-4/29/18896/1/1943Enoch Skirvin, Owen Co. KYMary Jane Minor, Owen Co. KY
Wilson, Anna Lucinda SchaweJeff. Co. IN-5/30/18994/17/1944George Schawe, Clark Co. INEmma Ross, Clark Co. IN
Wilson, Lester T.Union Co. KY-4/4/19039/2/1944Albert Wylie Wilson, OHLola Payne, Jeff. Co. IN
Wilson, Virgil WilliamMartinsville, IN-11/1/18804/11/1956William Virgil Wilson, INElla Harn, IN
Winscott, JesseJeff. Co. IN-3/6/18902/11/1954Richard Winscott, INMelinda Winscott, IN
Wolf, Minerva Ellen DemareeJeff. Co. IN-8/10/18971/4/1944William L. Demaree, Jeff. Co. INSarah Wainscott, Jeff. Co. IN
Wolfe, Lewis ClayMadison, IN-9/25/18829/21/1943William H. Wolfe, Carroll Co. KYMatilda Falconer, N. Madison, IN
Wolfschlog, Thomas JosephMadison, IN-/29/9384//22/1944Eugene Wolfschlog, Madison, INAlma Hock, Jeff. Co. IN
Woodfill, Esther MaydeneJeff. Co. IN-4/10/19009/4/1944Charles S. Woodfill, Jeff. Co. INIda Custer, Belleview, IN
Woodfill, Harrison ChristieJeff. Co. IN-10/20/18898/25/1943Horace C. Woodfill, Jeff. Co. INHannah Warfield, Jeff. Co. IN
Wooten, George ArthurMadison, IN-7/31/19395/22/1944George O. Wooten, AKJosephine Sampson, Jeff. Co. IN
Workman, Harry EllsworthJeff. Co. IN-11/14/19052/22/1945Willis Workman, Martin Co. INEffie Thompson, Jeff. Co. IN
Wright, Francis MaxwellJeff. Co. IN-11/28/19843/17/1954Thomas Franklin Wright, SCEmily Jane Adams, IN
Yancey, Ella JeanJeff. Co. IN-2/26/19273/31/1945Clarence Yancey, Owenton, KYEffie Bell Cull, Owenton, KY
Yerger, Pearl Kathryn GourleyJeff. Co. IN-4/12/188911/21/1945Clarence Gourley, Jeff. Co. INWilhelmina Fout, Jeff. Co. IN
Yunker, Nellie Moss BinghamJeff. Co. IN-4/1/18941/17/1953Robert S. Bingham, Jeff. Co. INRose Ella Moyers, Cumber. Gap, KY