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Index information on Marriage Records

Marriage records from 1851 to 1905 were compiled by the John Paul chapter of the D.A.R., Ted Winkle and the Jefferson County Genealogy Society.

Records from 1906 to 1955 were compiled by Michele Davis.

The following are notes on the indexes. To access these notes while in the marriage records, click on the black “index information” tab at the top of the page.

Notes on early records

Mr. Winkle compiled the records for 1873 to 1905 and included the book identification for reference. The DAR and JCGS did not include a book identification; however, the following is provided for reference:

1851 – Mar 1853 Book 7
1853 – Oct 1855 Book 8
Oct 1855 – Dec 1861 Book 9
Dec 1861 – Oct 1865 Book 10 Nov 1865 – Sep 1868 Book 11
Oct 1868 – Jun 1873 Book 12

There are overlaps — in books 8 and 9 for example. If your ancestor was married in October 1855, the information could be in either book. Also, licenses were often “late” in being returned so if your ancestor was married at the end of one of the book references (Book 10), a marriage in October might appear in the next book (Book 11). As always, confirm your sources.

Notes on later records

In the time until the May 20, 2009, Jefferson County Courthouse fire Michele Davis transcribed more than 40 years of information from the original marriage records.

The 1906 to 1955 marriage indexes in the History Rescue Project are abridged versions of spreadsheet files created by Michele Davis in this project. The library wishes to thank Michele for her dedication and hard work.

The original Microsoft Excel (.xls) files can be accessed from our marriage record download page.

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