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Marriage Records: Brides 1851-1905 X-Z

Yager, Amanda M.T.Allen, Benjamin 03 Aug 1852
Yager, Anna Rohrman, Matthias 25 Jun 1872
Yager, Catherine Daucher, John 07 Apr 1853
Yager, Emma Flanders, David G. 30 Mar 1870
Yager, IdaLambert, JacobF06 Mar 1899
Yager, TillieMullikin, Edward H.G27 Mar 1901
Yanger, Catherine Tenis, Jacob 07 Dec 1854
Yater, Ella M.Garber, David J.G28 Sep 1904
Yater, Mollie E.Rayborn, LafayetteC06 May 1885
Yates, Emeline Salyers, Jeremiah M. 06 Jan 1864
Yates, Harriet B. Hughey, Samuel 22 Mar 1870
Yates, LucyBeodkin, PierceF11 Jun 1896
Yates, Mary O'Neal, Isaac 04 Jun 1863
Yaw, Rebecca J. George, Wm. Henry 05 May 1853
Yeager, KateFidget, John A.C14 Sep 1886
Yeager, LinaHolzer, JohnE25 Jun 1895
Yeager, Lizzie C.Boeglin, Philip L.E14 Jan 1895
Yeager, Lutitia M.Coombs, William F.F03 Oct 1899
Yeager, RosaVorhies, EdwardD12 Nov 1891
Yeisler, MaryKeller, LemuelA04 Feb 1875
Yiesla, CarrieMaute, JohnC07 Jul 1887
Yocom, RachelWalls, John K.B30 Dec 1881
Yocum, HesterSimmons, JohnD17 Jun 1891
Yocum, Sarah M.Brown, James D. L.D18 Dec 1889
York, Jane Mullen, John 07 Nov 1859
Yost, Anna E.Elliott, John E.F01 Mar 1896
Yost, Arimenta J. Cope, William H.H. 08 Jun 1862
Yost, Eliza E.Gray, George W.B16 Dec 1881
Yost, Mary K.Shepherd, James H.B04 Jul 1879
Young, Alice J.Driggs, David M.A25 Sep 1873
Young, AnnaLockridge, J. E.E16 Aug 1894
Young, BessieMorgan, JamesG14 Oct 1903
Young, Catherine Sheets, John 10 Dec 1851
Young, FannieSaunders, RobertD18 Feb 1890
Young, GertrudeHorner, George W.F25 Jul 1897
Young, Hallie F.Young, John B.B27 Oct 1878
Young, JesseAdams, Frank RyanG14 Jul 1904
Young, Josephine Wildman, John Q. 31 Dec 1857
Young, LillieTerinlliger, TheronE16 Aug 1894
Young, MariaSaunders, JohnD06 Mar 1889
Young, Mary Smith, Thomas 07 Jan 1858
Young, Mary AnnPowell, ZadockA17 Sep 1876
Young, Mary F.Fergerson, William A.B08 Feb 1882
Young, MattieDunaway, OwenE26 Oct 1892
Young, Mattie Morman, Leander 09 Aug 1870
Young, Phebe Stephenson, Azariah D. 11 Sep 1856
Young, RuthThomas, JosephA16 Oct 1875
Young, Sarah J. Cook, Henry 04 Oct 1854
Young, Susan C. Palmer, Nathan S. 18 Apr 1851
Youngblood, DaisyBeeck, MatG31 Aug 1904
Younger, EmmaForsee, JosephB10 Jan 1882
Younger, MaryFeider, JohnA10 Jul 1876
Younger, MaryMayer, LouisB02 May 1878
Younger, Mary E.Davis, JohnC07 Dec 1882
Younger, Mary M. (Yunker) Ackerman, Matthias 21 Apr 1873
Younker, EmmaBarer, LambertB19 Feb 1878
Younker, MarySelig, AndrewC30 Sep 1884
Yount, Lulie A.Peyton, J. M.D10 Dec 1890
Yunker, AnnaAnschilke, BathaseeG08 Apr 1902
Yunker, AnnieSchmith, FrankD23 May 1888
Yunker, BerthaGeyman, John W.G13 Apr 1904
Yunker, IdaBirck, PhillipC19 Feb 1884
Yunker, MaryKalb, John A.E26 Apr 1893
Zacofscy, Wilhelmina Shipley, James 07 Jan 1852
Zangli, Theresa Nötzle, Henry 20 Jan 1851
Zapp, Barbara Cardinal, William 16 Oct 1869
Zapp, Catherine Stephan, William 17 Nov 1868
Zapp, Louisa ElizabethSchoenstein, John CarlG19 Oct 1904
Zebell, JennieFox, Andrew M.E03 Jan 1894
Zeiser, LouisaJoerger, JosephB12 May 1881
Zenor, HarrietAyres, Joseph02 Dec 1851
Zenor, LydiaBain, Robert S.25 Sep 1854
Zenor, Malinda Landon, Francis M. 15 Apr 1856
Zenor, Sarah Lard, Charles K. 05 May 1853
Zettel, FannieSchmidt, RobertA06 Nov 1876
Zimmer, CarrieKurtz, Jacob F.E18 Feb 1892
Zimmer, KatieBierch, NicholasE18 May 1892
Zimmer, Mary E.Fox, Nicholas J.E26 Jan 1892
Zimmerman, LenaWilkelin, GeorgeA24 Aug 1873
Zimmerman, MaryBeeten, Warren N.F17 May 1899
Zoeller, EmmaLotz, Henry B.D04 Feb 1890
Zollman, RosellaBriddle, WilliamD10 Nov 1890
Zornman, PhebeRyker, Peter V.C15 Jun 1887
Zuck, Anna Davidson, William R. 16 Apr 1871
Zuck, Ida M.Short, John W.A17 Jan 1875
Zuck, Mary Barber, George 08 Nov 1870
Zuefle, KatherinaSantschi, Edward G.D12 Jun 1890

Index Information

Thanks go to the Jefferson County Genealogy Society for assistance in transcribing records from 1850 to 1873 and to Ted Winkle for compiling the records for 1873 to 1905.

For reference, here are the book numbers and the records included:

As you can see, there are overlaps (Book 8 and 9 for example). If your ancestor was married in October 1855, the information could be in either book. Also, licenses were often “late” in being returned so if your ancestor was married at the end of one of the book references (Book 10), a marriage in October might appear in the next book (Book 11). As always, it’s good to confirm your sources.

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