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Marriage Records: Grooms 1851-1905 X-Z

Yager, J. B.Blackerby, LizzieD21 Sep 1890
Yager, John August, Margaret 12 Feb 1855
Yager, JosephJones, AllieF29 Nov 1899
Yager, Peter W.Christman, Anna B.D05 Mar 1889
Yager, Simeon, G.Hall, BelleC14 Apr 1885
Yankowski, John Haumeser, Barbara 14 Apr 1868
Yates, John Roberts, Elizabeth 02 Jan 1866
Yates, Peter R. Borcherding, Josephine C. 08 Mar 1866
Yates, Samuel H.Taylor, StellaC25 Dec 1882
Yaw, Thomas E.Magher, GeorgieF03 Mar 1898
Yeager, Asher W.Staples, Ruthy A.D31 May 1888
Yeager, Elmus C. Scott, Sarah E. 31 Mar 1870
Yeager, Fleming Gritton, Hannah A. 25 Jan 1866
Yeager, HoraceSimms, LucyA16 Oct 1873
Yeager, Samuel J. T.Perkinson, EttaG14 May 1904
Yeager, Stephen T. Coleman, Mary S. 18 Dec 1869
Yeagher Jr., John Lower, Linnie 31 Jan 1854
Yiesla, GeorgeSteffen, LizzieD28 Jul 1889
Yiesla, JohnEckert, Apollonia M.C28 Feb 1884
Yiesla, WilliamFinnegan, AnnieD20 Oct 1887
Yoast, John H. T. Sellock, Rosana 04 Mar 1858
Yocum, LeviCampbell, MaryE31 Aup 1893
York, Joseph E.McKay, Eliza L.A20 Feb 1876
York, William C.McDonald, KatieC04 Mar 1886
Yost, C. WilliamBuchanan, CordeliaF01 May 1897
Yost, Charles Dunn, Maria L. 21 Mar 1864
Yost, CleveCopeland, JaneD21 Jun 1891
Yost, Henry Ellis, Susan A. 14 Mar 1870
Yost, JohnKohl, RosettaF12 Jul 1896
Yost, Nathan Johnson, Elizabeth 09 Jan 1851
Yost, Nathan D.Berry, BlanchB08 May 1879
Yost, Nathan P.McDonald, EmmaF18 Sep 1898
Yost, Nathan R.Lockridge, EthelH25 Dec 1904
Young, A. HarveyDunn, Mollie A.A19 Jun 1877
Young, Alexander Crothers, Ada M. 21 Jul 1869
Young, Alvin A.Gray, MattieD18 Oct 1887
Young, Archibald A.Thomas, Sarah J.F22 Aug 1896
Young, DewittFox, Addie F.F15 Jul 1897
Young, Edward Basket, CynthaB14 Aug 1882
Young, George R.Wingham, Anna E.E02 May 1894
Young, HenryWhite, MaryF28 Dec 1897
Young, JamesTaylor, SadieC18 Dec 1884
Young, James D. Bailey, Rebecca T. 07 Apr 1853
Young, JohnTingle, HattieF04 Feb 1898
Young, John B.Young, Hallie F.B27 Oct 1878
Young, LeePulliam, MattieD09 Apr 1890
Young, Robert Graham, Josephine O. 21 Nov 1867
Young, ThomasCook, HattieG17 Dec 1903
Young, Thomas Millan, Sarah 18 May 1854
Young, ThomasRichman, MinnieE24 Dec 1894
Young, ThomasShingleton, CoraG28 Mar 1903
Young, William R.Day, MirandaD20 Jun 1889
Young, William R.Shingleton, Eliza E.A08 Nov 1876
Younger, Flemen Abbott, Mary E. 11 Jan 1857
Younger, George Ebley, Mary 15 Jan 1867
Youngman, William Understeller, Elizabeth 21 Jan 1862
Yourd, Martin M. Short, Sarah E. 23 May 1871
Yourd, Martin M. Slaughter, Julia Ann 31 Oct 1853
Yow, John L.Davis, Annie JaneG07 Aug 1901
Yunker, Andy A.Goeble, Francis L.B25 Apr 1882
Yunker, AugustBuman, KatieD10 Apr 1888
Yunker, Charles EdwardChadwick, Lillian LeonaE24 Apr 1895
Yunker, Frank A.Carlisle, Alice L.D10 Oct 1888
Yunker, JohnCahill, AliceF19 Apr 1897
Yunker, JosephWolf, MaryD13 Sep 1888
Yunker, SylvesterLippott, LouisaD07 Nov 1888
Zaami, PeterIlari, KatherinaG02 Jun 1901
Zapp, NicholasBowman, ChristinaB11 Feb 1880
Zapp, PhillipBowman, MollieB12 Nov 1878
Zeigel, PeterBice, AddieD25 May 1890
Zeiger, Ecleat Mar, Catherine19 Apr 1860
Zeizer, Joseph Meyer, Margaret 06 Apr 1864
Zepp, Jacob Wenzler, Mary 15 Jun 1872
Zickler, Edward C.Wilson, AliceG11 Nov 1901
Zimamon, Archibald Millett, Lydia 05 Jan 1851
Zimmer, JohnWittich, LauraB20 Nov 1879
Zimmerle, Amos B. Boughton, Catherine 11 Apr 1865
Zimmerman, GeorgeGratz, MaryB24 Nov 1878
Zimmerman, HermannAndreas, AugustaC14 Jul 1884
Zind, JohnLothspeich, TheresaB28 May 1878
Zoeller, Grant J.Roth, Amelia F.D17 Sep 1890
Zoeller, Louis P.Gerst, LenaA16 Nov 1876
Zuck, John A.Flora, CelaA06 Feb 1876
Zuck, Joseph P.White, Jean R.C26 Apr 1883
Zulauf, John C.Hutchings, Agnes M.F22 Apr 1896
Zureeler, WilliamUnderwood, SusanA31 Dec 1877

Index Information

Thanks go to the Jefferson County Genealogy Society for assistance in transcribing records from 1850 to 1873 and to Ted Winkle for compiling the records for 1873 to 1905.

For reference, here are the book numbers and the records included:

As you can see, there are overlaps (Book 8 and 9 for example). If your ancestor was married in October 1855, the information could be in either book. Also, licenses were often “late” in being returned so if your ancestor was married at the end of one of the book references (Book 10), a marriage in October might appear in the next book (Book 11). As always, it’s good to confirm your sources.

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