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Veterans' Marked Graves A-L

Aberdeen, Andrew W.Co. B 137th IN Inf.HanoverBethel1845-1929
Adams, AndyMadisonSpringdale
Adams, John W.Co. C 67th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Albee, D. M.Co. K 6th IN Inf.HanoverBethel1831-1864
Alcorn, MosesCo. G 35th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Alexander, W.P.MadisonSpringdale
Alexander, W.P.Co. A 11th IN Cav.MadisonSpringdale
Alexander, W.P.Co. A 11th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Alives, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Allcorn, MosesCo. G 35th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Alstatt, WilliamCo. G 12th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Anderson, W.C., Sgt.Co. C
82nd Reg. IN Vol.
Armstrong, CharlesMadisonSpringdale
Austin, NathanielCo. K 82nd IN Inf.Lancaster4 Dec. 1862
Bachman, Alois G., Lt. Col.MadisonSpringdale17 Sept. 1862KIA at Antietam
Backman, Col. Alois O.MadisonSpringdale
Badgley, HennickMadisonSpringdale
Bagdley, EdMadisonSpringdale
Bailer, W.A.9th IN Vol.SaludaMarling
Bailey, AaronCo. D 146th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Baker, MichaelMadisonSpringdale
Ball, David H.MadisonSpringdale
Banta, Henry D. Sgt.Co. A 3rd IN Cav.; LT Co. B 145th Reg.HanoverBethel1842-1926
Banta, William H.IN Vol.ShelbyBrushyfork28 Apr. 1864Age 26
Barber, JamesCo. A
6th Reg. IN Vol.
Shelby Flat Bottom20 Dec 1863Age 25
Bare, EdMadisonSpringdale
Barnett, AlexCo. A 54th IN Inf.SaludaNew Prospect
Barrar, PeterCo. G
13th OH Cav.
MadisonSt. Joseph
Barrett, DominickMadisonSpringdale
Barrett, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Baxter, WilliamsonCo. C 82nd IN Inf.HanoverLick Branch1845-1919
Beard, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Beatty, Walter W.MadisonSpringdale
Becker, Michael L.MadisonSpringdale
Benham, James E., Lt.Co. E 22nd IN Inf.RepublicanNarling
Benham, Joseph R.Co. E 22nd IN Inf.Saluda Zion
Benham, R.C.Co. E 22nd IN Inf.SaludaZion
Berkmier, JacobMadisonSpringdale
Best, Selin K.Co. H 39th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Bishop, John W.Co. I 45th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1844-1932
Black, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Blake, William M.Co. A 82nd IN Vol.GrahamPisgah
Blankenship, H., Cpl.Co. C 82nd IN Inf.Republican
Blassingham, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Boicourt, Thomas J.MadisonSpringdale
Borcherding, HenryCo. G 12th IN Inf.Lancaster
Bowen, LigonCo. (?) 5th WV Inf.Lancaster1843-1918
Bowman, Andrew W.Co. D 126th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Bowman, HenryMadisonSpringdale
Boyd, JasperCo. C 40th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Boyd, Robert H.Co. B 10th IAGrahamBethany1830-1917
Bradey, Sergeant39th IN Inf.GrahamWiggen
Brandon, John W.Co. C 31st IN Inf.MadisonBayless1844-1927
Braze, AbMadisonSpringdale
Brewster, JamesMadisonSpringdale
Brewster, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Brodbecker, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Brown, CyrusCo. H 10th IN Inf.Milton
Brown, HenryMadisonSpringdale
Brown, HenryCo. B 40th IN Inf.ShelbyMt. Pleasant
Brown, Isaac G.Co. B 40th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1837-1909
Brown, SamuelMadisonSpringdale
Bryden, JohnMadisonSpringdaleWar of 1812
Bryden, William F.Co. A IN Vol.MadisonSpringdale1841-1906
Bryden, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Buchanan, Samuel C.Co. E 137th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1844-1915
Buchanan, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Buchannon, James M.Co. K 22nd IN Inf.ShelbyFlat Bottom
Burdett, G.W.Co. K 140th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Burke, (?)MadisonSpringdale
Burkemeyer, JacobMadisonSpringdale
Burkett, ThomasCo. D 146th IN Inf.MadisonSt. Patrick
Burnett, AndrewCo. E
23rd Reg. IN Vol.
SaludaNew Prospect
Burnham, R.C., Lt.Co. D 14th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Burns, RichardMadisonSpringdale
Burton, William Y.Co. A 32nd IN Inf.Smyrna
Busch, LouisMadisonSpringdale
Calhoun, AlbertCo. H 120th Vol.GrahamPisgah12 Aug. 1864Age 23
Calloway, CharlesCo. G 12th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1842-1925
Calloway, Jacob9th IA Inf.MonroeHebron
Cameron, DonaldMadisonSpringdale
Campbell, AlexMadisonSpringdale
Capher, HenryCo. B 140th IN Inf.ShelbyBrushyfork
Carley, B. C.Co. I 50th INRepublicanMt. Zion1829-1904
Carse, DrummondMadisonSpringdale
Carse, DrummondMadisonSpringdale27 June 1864KIA at Kennesaw Mtn., age 21
Carse, DuncanMadisonSpringdale
Carse, DuncanMadisonSpringdaleDd. of wounds received at Stone River
Cartwright, Joseph17th IN Battln.SaludaZion
Chambers, IraCo. H 19th IN Cav.MonroeHebron
Chapman, A.E.Co. D 145th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale1849-1871
Chapman, Albert E.MadisonSpringdale
Chapman, ElijahMadisonSpringdale
Chapman, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Chapman, William G.MadisonSpringdale
Charlton, Thomas J. Lt.22nd IN Vol.HanoverBethel
Chauncey, Capt. J.D.P.A. Matier (John Don Pedro Alphonzo)MadisonSpringdale
Chauncy, J.D. Capt.Co. D 13th IN Inf.MadisonBayless
Child, William H.MadisonSpringdale
Clark, PatrickCo. H
2nd Reg. IN Vol.
MadisonSaint Patrick1843-1922
Clark, ThomasCo. G 137th INMadisonSaint Patrick1850-1917
Clay, J.H.Co. F 28th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Clay, John H. (Tobe)MadisonSpringdale
Clegg, James B.Co. D
54th Reg. IN Vol.
Clements, WilliamCo. F 6th IN Inf.Milton
Cochran, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Collins, Admiral Napoleon B.MadisonSpringdale
Collins, Dr. William AndrewMadisonSpringdale
Collins, George W.MadisonSpringdale
Collins, W.W.MadisonSpringdale
Collins, William A., SurgeonMadisonSpringdale
Comley, SamuelMadisonSpringdale
Conley, PhillipCo. E 17th IA Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Connelly, PatrickMadisonSpringdale
Connelly, PhillipMadisonSpringdale
Connett, Amazon Capt.Co. F 24th IN Vol.MadisonBayless1832-1905
Conther, DanielCo. E 23rd KY Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Cook, AmosCo. F 28th USGTLancaster
Cope, George W.MadisonSpringdale
Cope, LafayetteCo. H 10th IN Cav.MonroeHebron
Cope, William H.H.Co. A 6th IN Vol.MadisonSpringdale1842-1928
Cosby, ArchibaldMadisonSpringdale
Cosby, LawrenceMadisonSpringdale
Cotton, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Courtney, Andrew J.Co. E
54th KY Mtd. Inf.
Courtney, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Courtney, WilliamCo. D 31st IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Cowden, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Cowden, Lt. JohnMadisonSpringdale
Cox, GillumMadisonSpringdale
Craig, JamesCo. C 6th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Craig, Thomas J.MadisonSpringdale
Crawford, JohnCo. B 140th IN Inf.ShelbyCaledonia1842-1921
Croizer, John A.MadisonSpringdale
Cummins, George W.MadisonSpringdale
Cummins, JamesMadisonSpringdale
Cummins, Maj. Andrew ClarkMadisonSpringdale
Cunningham, T. ClelandMadisonSpringdale
Custer, JepthaCo. L 86th IN Vol.MonroeHebron
Custer, JethroCo. A 37th IN Vol.MonroeHebron
Dahlem, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Daily, Lorenzo D.Co. A 3rd IN Cav.Milton1833-1893
Daily, PatrickMadisonSpringdale
Daily, PatrickCo. B 15th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale1834-1881
Daily, Rev. Dr. William M.MadisonSpringdale
Davidson, Dr. WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Davis, George H.Co. K 22nd INMilton1844-1922
Davis, JohnCo. A 6th IN Vol.MadisonBayless
Davis, R.G.Co. B 13th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Davis, WilliamCo. A 54th IN Inf.SaludaZion
Davison, William R. M.D. Surgeon7th & 22nd KY Inf.MadisonBayless1842-1924
Day, JohnMadisonSpringdale
De Von, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Dean, FrankCo. H 35th IN Vol.Saluda1843-1914
Debanto, PeterMadisonSpringdale
Dibler, CalebCo. H 40th IN Vol.GrahamPisgah1838-1916
Dickey, GeorgeMadisonSpringdale
Diehamer, JosephMadisonSpringdale
Dihammer, Joshua, Cpl.Co. G 37th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Dillon, DallasCo. G 137th IN Vol.MadisonBayless1847-1934
Dillon, MichaelMadisonSpringdale
Dillon, William P.MadisonSpringdale
Dodd, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Dollhover, MartinCo. C 13th IN Cav.MadisonSaint Patrick1837-1913
Donahue, WilliamCo. CMadisonSpringdale
Dorsch, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Doyle, BernardCo. C 78th IN Vol.MadisonSaint Patrick1910
Drake, B.F.Co. E 7th IN Cav.MadisonSpringdale
Driggs, William F.Co. D 54th IN MadisonBayless1844-1918
Duffy, JamesCo. D 54th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1839-1924
Duke, John4th IN Cav.HanoverBethel
Dunlap, Robert E.MadisonSpringdale
Eades, Jonothan (Jonty)MadisonSpringdale
Eades, JonothanCo. D ? IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Eades, T.A.Co. H 6th IN Inf.Milton
Elliott, James H.Co. G 10th IN Inf.MonroeMonroe Presbyterian Church
Elms, RosingtonMadisonSpringdale
Ennis, LeonardMadisonSpringdale8 June 1863
Ennis, ThomasMadisonSpringdale1832-1915
Eudaily, IsaacMadisonSpringdale
Fabay, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Faulkner, BentonCo. L 4th IN Cav.
Faulkner, Charles Cpl.12th IN Inf.Lancaster
Faulkner, Dwight H.Lancaster20 Mar. 1847- 6 Mar. 1864
Faulkner, Nelson D.Lancaster1849-1864
Favour, SamuelCo. A 82nd IN Inf.SaludaMaddox
Ferguson, JohnCo. K 118th U.S.MadisonSpringdale
Ferguson, William H.Co. A
3rd Reg. IN Vol.
ShelbyCanaan11 Aug. 1863
Fewell, J. A.Co. G 40th IN Inf.Smyrna
Fidger, FredMadisonSpringdale
Files, John L. Sgt.Co. H. 27th IN Vol.HanoverBethel
Finnigan, PatrickMadisonSpringdale
Flynn, EdwardCo. H 22nd INMadisonSaint Patrick
Ford, Capt. WilliamMadisonSpringdaleMexican War
Forthofer, JacobMadisonSpringdale
Forwe, John M.MadisonSpringdale
Foster, W.S.Co. D 28th U.S.MadisonSpringdale
Foster, William S.MadisonSpringdale
Fox, ThomasMadisonSpringdale
Francisco, AlonzoMadisonSpringdale
Francisco, John M.MadisonSpringdale
French, WilliamCo. F 8th U.S.MadisonSpringdale1839-1896
Frooks, WilliamCo. D
13th Reg. IN Vol.
Galbreath, WilliamCo. K 5th IN Inf.SaludaMaddox
Gale, Stephen B.MadisonSpringdale
Gans, Joseph N.Co. C IN Inf.ShelbyCanaan
Gantzschier, PhillipMadisonSpringdale
Garber, Michael C.MadisonSpringdale
Gardner, GeorgeCo. F 135th OH Inf.MadisonBayless1844-1918
Gardner, GeorgeCo. F 135th OH Inf.MadisonBayless1844-1918
Garrett, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Gaul, ChrisMadisonSpringdale
Gavitt, CharlesMadisonSpringdale
Gavitt, Marcus A. Lt.24th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1824-1897
Gerber, Col. JohnMadisonSpringdale
Gerber, John, Lt. Col.24th IN Vol.MadisonSpringdaleKIA at Shiloah
Gibbs, ThomasMadisonSpringdale
Gibbs, Willam C.Co. G 40th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Gibson, WilliamHanoverBethel1836-1922Civil War Veteran
Gilbert, WilliamCo. K 6th IN Inf.SaludaMaddox
Giltner, Levi A.Co. F 38th IN Vol.Saluda1844-1920
Glass, JacobMadisonSpringdale
Glass, LouisMadisonSpringdale
Glasscock, J.R.B.MadisonSpringdale
Goldsboro, J.P.Capt. Patton’s IN Inf.MadisonBayless
Goodemost, JacobMadisonSpringdale
Gordon, E. D.Co. A IN Inf.HanoverLancaster
Gordon, WilliamCo. I 137th IN Inv.HanoverBethel1844-1922
Gore, JamesCo. H
39th Reg. IN Vol.
GrahamLick Branch29 May 1863Age 24
Graham, James H.Co. K 6th IN Inf. MadisonBayless1840-1871
Graham, JamesMadisonSpringdale
Graham, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Graves, George H.5th IN BatteryMadisonBayless1844-1916
Gray, RobertCo. E 3rd IN Cav.MadisonBayless1844-1909
Grayble, LambertMadisonSpringdale
Grebe, FredMadisonSpringdale
Greiner, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Greyson, Andrew J., Lt.Co. D & E 6th IN Vol.MadisonSpringdale1838-1913
Gunther, DanielMadisonSpringdale
Haag, MartinMadisonSpringdale
Haines, J.V.Co. D 6th IN Inf.Wirt
Hall, J.W.Co. H 6th IN Inf.MadisonRyker’s Ridge
Hall, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Hall, WilliamCo. A IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Halterbaum, EliasCo. D 81st IN Inf.GrahamLick Branch
Hamlin, L.MadisonSpringdale
Hammell, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Hankins, Milton S.Co. DMadisonBayless
Hankins, MiltonMadisonSpringdale
Hanson, Charles G.MadisonSpringdale
Hardy, Himis A.Co. G
7th Reg. IL Vol.
Hare, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Harmon, David C.Co. K 6th IN MadisonBayless1838-1901
Harrington, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Harris, J.C. Capt.Co. A 79th IN Inf.HanoverBethel
Harrison, William H.13th IN Cav.MadisonBayless1846-1916
Hartley, JosiahMadisonSpringdale
Hatton, Bruce H.Co. B
40th Reg. 3rd Vol.
Hatton, BruceMadisonSpringdale
Hayden, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Hazelton, JamesMadisonSpringdale
Heath, MartinMilton22 Oct. 1863In Defense of His Country
Hendricks, Col. J.A.MadisonSpringdale
Henry, JamesMadisonSpringdale
Henry, JamesCo. D 2nd Reg.MadisonSpringdale1862Dd. Battle of Perryville, KY
Henry, SamuelCo. C
38th Reg. IN Vol.
Republican3 Jun. 1862Age 18
Herman, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Hermond, CharlesMadisonSpringdale
Herrod, AlexMadisonSpringdale
Herrod, KingMadisonSpringdale
Hewit, G.W.Co. H 6th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Hildreth, H.MadisonSpringdale
Hill, FrankMadisonSpringdale
Hinds, Charles C., Capt.MadisonSpringdaleDd. of disease contracted in the Army
Hinds, CharlesMadisonSpringdale
Hinds, Marion A.MadisonSpringdale
Hoagland, JohnCo. E 3rd IN MadisonBayless1842-1912
Hoagland, JosephMadisonSpringdale
Hoding, CharlesMadisonSpringdale
Hoefling, John M., Sr.Co. I 31st IN Inf.1836-1918
Holcraft, A.Co. A 22nd IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Holcroft, AbramMadisonSpringdale
Holland, AlonzoMadisonSpringdale
Holmes, AlonzoMadisonSpringdale
Holmes, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Hord, AlexanderCo. B 16 INSmyrna
Hoskins, JosephCo. E 54th KY Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Houghland, IsaacCo. D 4th OH Cav.MadisonBayless
Hudson, J. T.Co. D 13th IN Inf.Smyrna
Huffman, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Hughes, FrankMadisonSpringdale
Hull, Capt. HoraceMadisonSpringdale
Humphrey, Thomas J., Cpl.Co. K 82nd IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale1814-1890
Humphreys, ThomasMadisonSpringdale
Humphries, James H.Co. I 145th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Humphries, John R.Co. G 55th IN Vol.MonroeHebron
Hunt, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Hunter, M.D.MadisonSpringdale
Huntley, Oliver L.Co. I 137th IN Inf.HanoverBethel
Hurley, George D.Co. B 4th OH Cav.MadisonSpringdale1844-1922
Hutchinson, J.O.Co. K 32nd IN Inf.Lancaster
Hutchinson, N.V.Co. K 32nd IN Inf.Lancaster
Hutchinson, SamuelCo. K 32nd IN Inf.Lancaster
Hyatt, Thomas H.Co. K 82nd IN Inf.Lancaster1830-1914
Hyatt, W.W.Co. D 146th IN Vol.MonroeHebron
Iddings, Samuel2nd IA Cav.SaludaBethel
Igent, John H.28th Reg. IN Vol.MadisonSpringdale
Irvey, JosephMadisonSpringdale
Irwin, James13th IN Batt.MonroeHebron
Jackson, G.Co. I 3rd KY Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Jackson, HiramCo. D 161st IN Inf.Shelby Mt. Pleasant
Jackson, Lemon W.Co. K 6th INSaludaMarling13 Jan. 1863KIA at Stone River, TN
Jackson, Robert D.Co. B 33rd IN Inf.ShelbyMt. Pleasant
Jackson, Thomas W., Cpl.6th IN Inf.SaludaMarling
Jenkins, WalterMadisonSpringdale
Jewell, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Jines, HenryCo. D 22nd IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Jines, John WilliamMonroeHebronDd.
Jines, SilasCo. D 6th IN Inf.MonroeHebronAug. 1862Dd. at Stevenson, AL
Jines, Walter W.Co. D 6th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Johnson, DocMadisonSpringdale
Joit, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Jones, Allan W.Co. F 9th KY Cav.SaludaBethel
Jones, J.L.Co. E 3rd IN Cav.Republican
Jones, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Jones, W.H.Co. C 13th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Jones, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Jordan, Martin L.Co. M 2nd NE Cav.Monroe1839-1880
Jordan, Robert M.9th LegionRepublican
Joyce, SmithMadisonSpringdale
Justine, Jeptha D.Co. G 4th KY Inf.Milton
Kavenaugh, EdwardCo. B 35th IN Inf.MadisonSaint Patrick
Kelly, J.H.Co. A 6th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Kelso, Edward D.Co. C 3rd IN Cav.MadisonBayless
Kennedy, E.H.Co. G 137th IN Inf.ShelbyCanaan
Kennison, B.MadisonSpringdale
Kennison, SamuelMadisonSpringdale
Kenuthan, William H.MadisonSpringdale
Kernen, AlbertMadisonSpringdale
Kibby, DanielMadisonSpringdale
Kinder, LawrenceMadisonSpringdale
King, Benjamin B., Sgt.Co. I 4th IN Cav.
King, HenryCo. A 82nd IN Inf.SaludaBethel
King, Joseph W.MadisonSpringdale
King, JosephMadisonSpringdale
Kinnear, John H.13th IN Inf.Smyrna10/1/1861
Kinnear, ThomasCo. D 16th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1839-1918
Kirk, F.M., Cpl.Co. K 22nd IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Kirk, John H.MadisonSpringdale
Kirk, John, Jr.MadisonSpringdale28 June 1861Dd. at Pittsburg Landing
Kirk, RichardMadisonSpringdale
Kirschner, MichaelMadisonSpringdale
Kiser, J.N.Co. C 12th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Kiser, WilliamCo. C 12th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Klein, NicholasMadisonSpringdale
Klein, Nicholas6th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Knowles, EdgarMadisonSpringdale
Krue, MartinCo. G 137th IN Inf.MadisonBayless
Kunkler, G.A.MadisonSpringdale
Kunnitz, HenryMadisonSpringdale
La Rue, DavidMadisonSpringdale
Labach, James M. Rev.Co. E
137th PA Vol. Inf.
Lamb, ThomasMadisonSpringdale
Lanciskes, JosephMadisonSpringdale
Lane, A.O.Co. D 6th IN Inf.Lancaster
Lanham, WarrenCo. G 137th IN Vol.Shelby Mt. Pleasant
Larabee, J.D.Co. E 6th IN Inf.MadisonBayless
Largent, NelsonCo. K 66th IN Vol.SaludaMaddox
Larrabee, John D.MadisonSpringdale
Laten, SathielCo. A 6th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Lathorp, James P.MadisonSpringdale
Lavelle, MartinMadisonSpringdale
Lavelle, MartinCo. N 15th Ill. Cav.MadisonSpringdale
Lawrence, J.E.Co. C 3rd IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Lawson, Robert C., Cpl.Co. H 8th IN Cav.SaludaNew Prospect
Lee, George W.MadisonSpringdale1844-1909
Lee, Gershom L.ShelbyFlat Bottom9 Dec. 1864
Lehman, Robert O.Co. H 13th OH Inf.HanoverBethel1843-1907
Lewis, C.B.Co. G 82nd IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Lewis, IsaacShelbyBrushyfork23 Dec. 1864Dd. at Murfreesboro, TN at Age 23
Lewis, JosephCo. E
3rd Reg. IN Cav.
MadisonSpringdale13 Sept. 1862
Lighton, D.MadisonSpringdale
Lloyd, GilesMadisonSpringdale
Lloyd, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Lochard, AlfredMadisonSpringdale
Lochard, JospehMadisonSpringdale
Lockhard, EnochCo. D 22nd IN Vol.Saluda15 Feb. 1862
Lockman, S.O.Co. H 2nd IN Cav.Lancaster
Lockridge, George W.Co. K 82nd INLancaster
Lockridge, James W.Co. K 37th IN Inf.Milton1820-1888
Lockridge, JohnCo. K 6th IN Inf.Milton
Logan, Baxter K. Lt.35th IN Vol.HanoverBethel1827-1864
Louis, C.B.MadisonSpringdale
Luck, JacobMadisonSpringdale
Luck, WilliamCo. C 67th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Lund, Thomas B., Cpl.Co. A IN Inf.1862Dd. of wounds at Shiloh
Lunsford, WilliamMadisonSpringdale