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Wesley Chapel Marriages 1859-1860

Alexander, D. R.Bengough, Mary9-13-1860
Ballard, A. C.Very, Helen6-28-1860
Beaty, W. W.Fisher, Susan E.6-28-1860
Davis, John H.Montfort, Lydia M.8-27-1860
Dickerson, George R.Tolbert, L. A.8-27-1860
Fish, John S.Terrel, Amanda7-4-1861
Foster, HarryPage, Eliza B.12-20-1859
Gilmon, Dr.McCain, Mrs. M.3-27-1860
Graham, A.Swomdted, Nellie12-4-1860
Ireland, R. L.Moore, Emma D.5-22-1860
Jones, JohnBishop, Margaret12-18-1859
Jordan, JamesHutton, Susan8-3-1860
Hamilton, WilliamMendall, Nancy8-12-1861
McIntire, John G.Loyd, Mary J.8-15-1861
McPheters, HenryLeland, Elsie12-31-1860
Philips, HiramLord, C. M.7-25-1861
Sheik, A.Weaver, Mary B.4-11-1861
Thomas, J. W.Monroe, Jennie11-5-1860
Wallace, Capt. GeorgeWagner, Molly7-2-1861

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These records can be found on microfilm 337, page 1 here at the Madison Jefferson County Public Library.
Wesley Chapel was founded in Madison between 1812-1819 with the founding pastor Walter Griffith. The church was originally known as the Madison Methodist Episcopal, but in 1819 officially changed its name to Wesley Chapel. In 1867-1868 the church was joined by St. John’s Methodist and took the name of Trinity. In 1869 the congregation resumed the name of Wesley Chapel when the St. John’s congregation left. Eventually in 1881 the church merged again with Trinity which at that time consisted of St. John’s and Robert’s Chapel.
From – Jackie Richards – Churches and Church Records in Jefferson County, Indiana

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