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1830 Madison becomes largest city in the state

Early Madison growth had been sporadic, at time even precarious, but thanks to the influx of settlers and the determination of skilled and practiced businessmen, by 1830 Madison was a thriving metropolis. It could boast a population of 1,752 souls, more than any city in the state. Even the capitol at Indianapolis was far smaller.

Jefferson County itself, due to the early establishment of a successful banking system, a diverse and successful trade structure and sound investments by local entrepreneurs was also the wealthiest county in Indiana.

Aggressive and persuasive Madisonians wielded political and financial power that made it possible for Madison to obtain early state supported public projects which were used to great advantage and Madison became the most influential city in Indiana. This situation continued for some twenty-five years and during this era Madison was like the fabled King Midas positioned on the Ohio River, turning most everything it touched to gold.