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1908 West Madison incorporated into Madison

West Madison was the part of the area west of Cragmont Street. It was an incorporated town since 1888 and contained about 600 inhabitants. On August 5, 1895 a resolution was presented to the Madison City Council asking that negotiations be opened towards the union of West Madison and the City of Madison.

West Madison asked that the city take over the maintenance and expense of the Hanover Pike Road, extend city water and electricity to West Madison and put a cap on taxes levied for three years. Evidently the proposition was put before the Madison City Council and it was indefinitely tabled or rejected.

In 1907 the West Madison residents again petitioned the town board of West Madison to meet and confer with the common council of the City of Madison and arrange for a union of the said city and town. This time the offer was accepted and the board and council concluded they would merge to form one entity.
On December 3, 1907 the West Madison Town Board met to pay any final bills and pay off the town officers. It was decreed the town officers were to make a final report at the next regular and last meeting of the town board.
When the new year of 1908 dawned, West Madison was a part of the City of Madison.

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