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1952 Indiana Kentucky Electric Corp plant built

In 1952 the Indiana Kentucky Electric Corp. purchased several acres including the land which hosted the Jefferson County Poor Asylum. The old asylum was nearly 100 years old and was relocated north of town on State Road #7. The old building was not immediately torn down but was used by the utility as a changing and recreational area for the builders.

The facility began operation in 1955 and employs about 400 workers.

In 1992 the company cleaned up and renovated the old incline in order to transport heavy equipment to the plant.

In 2006 the company announced plans for investing an estimated 480 million dollars to install additional environmental controls.

Is the largest tax payer in the county and a good neighbor. When the county had a delay in receiving tax revenues a few years ago, the company prepaid it tax bill so the county could meet its obligations.

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