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1973 Marble Hill nuclear power plant

In 1973 nuclear energy was thought by some to be the wave of the future. With this in mind, Public Service of Indiana announced plans to build a nuclear power plant at Marble Hill just a few miles west of the town of Madison. Construction began in 1977.

At first the effects were positive with new jobs, an increase in the tax base and plenty of money which generated a financial boom in Madison and other towns nearby. However, opposition from groups such as Save the Valley began to surface. The original estimated cost estimates began to inflate and rumors of waste and mismanagement began to circulate.

When the Three Mile Island disaster occurred in 1979 it struck real fear in the hearts of people. A nuclear accident could cause catastrophic and irreparable damage. In many people’s minds, it was no longer what if an accident occurred, but when and where will it occur.

Then in May of 1979 a former employee claimed he and other workers had been told to cover up shoddy work and flaws in the retaining walls. Now Public Service faced a public relations melt down, legal battles and an upward spiraling debt that threatened financial ruin.

It was soon clear the power plant would never be realized and in 1984 the company gave up and the project closed down.

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