The Rise and Fall of River and Rail transportation in Madison, Indiana.

Before Steam
  1. Madison and La Belle Riviére
  2. Native Craft on the Ohio
  3. Pioneers Go West
  4. Flatboats & Keelboats
Early Steamboats
  1. Steamboat Development
  2. John Fitch
  3. Robert Fulton
  4. The Voyage of 1811
Age of Steam
  1. Madison’s Shipyards
  2. The Famous Madison Marine Way
  3. Madison’s Civil War Steamers
  4. The City of Madison Disaster
  5. Madison Dry Docks Company
  6. William Hoyt: Inventor of the Calliope
Boats & Captains
  1. Nannie Byers: An ill-fated Madison boat
  2. Mattie Cook
  3. Maggie Harper
  4. Louis A. Sherley
  5. Capt. David White of the Old Enterprise
  6. Effie Deans: Civil War riverboat
  7. Caroline
  8. Tom Jasper
  9. Centennial
  10. Capt. William H. Keyt of the Nanny Byers
  11. The steamer Richmond
  12. Virgie Lee and Julia No. 2
  13. Captain William C. Lepper Jr.
  14. Calument: The Saga of a Sad and Stubborn Lady
  15. The ferry Trimble
  16. Bald Eagle: The Irene Dunne Connection
  17. City of Madison: A Matter of Pride
  18. The City of Madison of 1854?
  19. The Mittie Stephens: U.S. Navy transport
River & Recreation
  1. Meet the Boat Trips
  2. Marks and Benson and the American Boys Excursions
Early Railroading
  1. Rail before steam
  2. Introducing Steam
  3. Rail comes to Madison
Building the M&I
  1. Building the Madison & Indianapolis Railroad
  2. Constructing the Incline
  3. Article: First Trip of the Locomotive on the Inclined Plain
  4. The Reuben Wells Locomotive
  5. Brough's Folly
Boom & Bust
  1. Living High on the Hog
  2. The Golden Age
  3. Gone Forever
  4. The Final Chapter
Rail stories
  1. Irish Hollow and St. Michael's Church
  2. Indiana Railroads
  3. Station Bell
  4. Cooking Stoves and Uniforms
  5. Southwestern Car Shop
  6. William Hoyt: A Day Late and a Dollar Short
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