The Rise and Fall of River and Rail transportation in Madison, Indiana.

The development of river and rail transportation overlapped significantly in Madison and Jefferson County, Indiana. This table gives you a general idea when these events took place in history. When articles overlap time periods, the earlier time period was selected.

Timespan Riverboats Railroads
Before 1800 John Fitch
Madison and La Belle Riviére
1800 to 1820 The Voyage of 1811
Robert Fulton
Flatboats & Keelboats
Pioneers Go West
Native Craft on the Ohio
1820 to 1840 Madison’s Shipyards
Steamboat Development
Indiana Railroads
Irish Hollow and St. Michael's Church
Constructing the Incline
Building the Madison & Indianapolis Railroad
Rail comes to Madison
Introducing Steam
Rail before steam
1840 to 1860 The City of Madison of 1854?
Capt. David White of the Old Enterprise
William Hoyt: Inventor of the Calliope
William Hoyt: A Day Late and a Dollar Short
The Golden Age
Living High on the Hog
Southwestern Car Shop
Station Bell
Brough's Folly
Article: First Trip of the Locomotive on the Inclined Plain
1860 to 1880 The Mittie Stephens: U.S. Navy transport
Bald Eagle: The Irene Dunne Connection
Calument: The Saga of a Sad and Stubborn Lady
Captain William C. Lepper Jr.
Virgie Lee and Julia No. 2
The steamer Richmond
Capt. William H. Keyt of the Nanny Byers
Tom Jasper
Effie Deans: Civil War riverboat
The Reuben Wells Locomotive
1880 to 1900 City of Madison: A Matter of Pride
The ferry Trimble
Cooking Stoves and Uniforms
1900 to 1920 Marks and Benson and the American Boys Excursions
1920 to 1940 Meet the Boat Trips Gone Forever
1940 to 1960
1960 to today The Final Chapter