Meeting Minutes

August 2018

Pending Approval

420 W. MAIN ST. MADISON, IN 47250

August 9, 2018

Kelly Joyce, President
Mary Kay Butler, Vice-President
Sally Wurtz, Secretary
Joy Culp, Treasurer
Kathy Rosenberg
Dana Riddle
Barbara McKinney
Terry Phillips
Judi Terpening, Director

The meeting was opened at 4:00 P.M. by President Joyce.

McKinney moved to accept the minutes from the July 12 regular meeting as presented. Butler seconded. Motion carried. McKinney moved to accept the minutes from the July 12 executive session as presented. Butler seconded. Motion carried.

Financial Report
Culp gave the financial report:
Operating Fund expenditures July 13 through August 9 were $82,754.59. Expenditures from all funds totaled $93,852.82. Operating Fund receipts totaled $3145.95. Receipts to all funds totaled $13,279.97. Balance in the Operating Fund as of August 9 was $888,575.14. Total bank balance was $1,409,182.85. There were two checks over $6000: County Treasurer $8959.46 for health insurance premiums. $6795.15 paid by the library. OCLC $6116.88; a six-month payment that saves 2% as part of their Subscription Payment Program. Wurtz moved to accept the financial report as presented. Phillips seconded. Motion carried.

Director’s report
Terpening reported the following:

Adult Programming 

  • 14 events with 404 attendees.

  • Artist Larry Rudolech presented a two-day demonstration of his painting technique and experiences across the country as a painter.

  • Several local authors met for a four-hour workshop for writers entitled “Brainstorm.” Authors shared their experiences as writers and offered advice.

  • Adult Summer Reading ended July 31 with a total of 248 participants and 1655 books read. The prize drawing each was for a $50 Visa gift card or a $25 Good Cents gift certificate.

  • Hanover Book Group read Charles Kuralt’s America and had 12 attendees.

Youth Services

  • 32 events with 1079 attendees.

  • Young Writer’s Workshop was extended for an extra two weeks.

  • Bubble Truck at Hanover was very popular with 120 attendees.

  • Surveys indicated a desire for more evening programs so Kara will begin “Mother Goose on the Loose” on Wednesday evenings, beginning in August.

  • Outreach to Girl’s, Inc. and La Case Amiga continued.

  • Summer Reading ended with 644 participants and approximately 185 finishers.


  • Overdrive usage was up as well as visits to our local history page, Ancestry and Heritage Quest.


  • We are upgrading to 1G of bandwidth within the month.


  • Tim McDonough with Electrictek in Hanover has estimated it will cost $1000 to put a phone in the elevator. There are not a lot of people who do this type of work so we will be moving forward with this company.


  • We have advertised and received several applications for the Library Page position and will be conducting interviews on August 10.


  • Camille’s Fountain of Culture program will be on August 16. She will be discussing her research on the history of the Library and the book she has been writing.

  • Mix and Mingle reception to welcome Judi Terpening as the new Library Director will be on September 6 at 6:00 P.M. Everyone is welcome.

  • Madison’s Bicentennial Night Out event on August 7 was cancelled due to weather. The City Council meeting was held in the Library auditorium as planned.


  • Terpening is going to the New Director Training on August 15.


  • Terpening gave the Board information on Cybersecurity Insurance. She discussed additional coverage with our insurance agent and will continue gathering information.

  • Terpening continues to look for an appraiser for the Snyder paintings. Some suggestions were made and she will follow up.

  • An inspection of the roof on the Main Street building showed hail damage from a recent storm. Terpening will contact our insurance agent.

Friends of the Library

  • No report.


  • The Board received a thank you note from Judi Terpening for hiring her as Director.

Continuing Business

  • A revised budget estimate for 2019 was given to the Board. When we met with the DLGF, they gave us a more current circuit breaker estimate than we had used originally and that changed the total slightly.

New Business

  • Phillips made a motion to accept the Commitment to Join the Indiana State Library Consortium for Public Internet Access for Funding Year July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020. Wurtz seconded. Motion carried.

  • The public hearing for the 2019 budget is scheduled for 4:00 P.M. on September 13, 2018.

Meeting adjourned at 4:35 P.M.