Meeting Minutes

June 2018

Approved 7/12/18

420 W. MAIN ST. MADISON, IN 47250

June 14, 2018

Terry Phillips, President
Mary Kay Butler, Secretary
Joy Culp, Treasurer
Sally Wurtz
Kathy Rosenberg
Dana Riddle

Not Present:
Kelly Joyce
Barbara McKinney

The meeting was opened at 4:02 P.M. by President Phillips.

Butler moved to accept the minutes from the May 10 regular meeting as presented. Wurtz seconded. Motion carried. Wurtz moved to accept the minutes from the May 10 executive session as presented. Rosenberg seconded. Motion carried. Rosenberg moved to accept the minutes from the May 17 executive session as presented. Riddle seconded. Motion carried.

Financial Report
Culp gave the financial report:
Operating Fund expenditures May 11 through June 14 were $110,790.95. Expenditures from all funds totaled $125,190.84. Operating Fund receipts totaled $753,611.35, which included the spring tax draw of $747,874.92. Receipts to all funds totaled $771,607.40. Balance in the Operating Fund as of June 14 was $1,053,360.35. Total bank balance was $1,575,780.88. There were 2 checks over $6000: County Treasurer $8959.46 for health insurance premiums. $6795.15 was paid by the library; Selective Insurance $7381.00 for annual library insurance. Wurtz moved to accept the financial report as presented. Butler seconded. Motion carried.

Director’s report
Terpening reported the following:

Adult Programming
Due to the spring book sale the auditorium was unavailable for programs for one week.

  • 17 events with 144 attendees.

  • Plant exchanges at Madison and Hanover went well.

  • Hanover Book Club discussed Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance. 15 attended.

Youth Services

  • 86 events with 2048 attendees. Most of those were outreach programs. Children’s Department staff members visited all schools in Jefferson County to promote summer reading.

  • 22 stuffed animals had a sleepover at the Library. 35 children and parents attended the breakfast the next morning and enjoyed pictures of the stuffed animals’ activities.

  • Mother Goose on the Loose had 30 attendees.


  • Circulations, visitors and computer usage is up.


  • ENA is increasing our bandwidth to 1G in July.


  • The sewage pump needed a new check valve and that was replaced by DeBra-Kuempel.

  • There has been some occasional leaking from air handlers in the attic which has caused noticeable stains on the ceiling below. We will be getting an estimate on that repair.

  • We are looking into getting a phone in the elevator to be will be in compliance with the state.

Patron Services

  • We will begin transiting DVDs and music CDs in August.


  • We are training our pages to work at the Circulation desk occasionally.

  • Terpening was nominated and elected to serve on the Evergreen Executive Committee.


  • Speaker’s series continues.

  • The Library was pictured on the front cover on the 2018-2019 Chamber Guide.


  • Terpening and Joslin attended Certified Mental Health First Aid training.

  • Terpening has attended two Gateway and budget training workshops.

  • Terpening will be attending the ALA Conference in New Orleans June 21-27.


  • Terpening was invited to speak about the Library at the Republican Women’s Group meeting. She spoke about the history of the Library and the Bicentennial.

Friends of the Library

  • $2200 was made at the spring book sale.

Continuing Business

  • After review of a letter to Mark Mellang from the Sculpture Committee dated January 10, 2018, and discussion of various concerns about the sculpture as designed, it was decided that the Board would contact the Sculpture Committee and request further discussion before proceeding. Rosenberg made a motion to contact Jan Vetrus in reference to the letter and request a time to meet to discuss concerns. Wurtz seconded. Motion carried.

New Business

  • Resolution to Approve the Slate of Officers for 2018-2019 was accepted on a motion by Butler and second by Wurtz. Officers according to the procedure stated in the Board By-Laws will be as follows: Kelly Joyce, President; Mary Kay Butler, Vice-President; Sally Wurtz, Secretary; Joy Culp, Treasurer.

  • Butler made a motion to approve the 2019 Salary Scale as presented with no changes from 2018. Seconded by Wurtz. Motion carried.

  • Board agreed that Terpening should allow MDI to recycle our old computers since they have a secure procedure for wiping the hard drive.

  • Review of the Board By-Laws was tabled until July.

Meeting adjourned at 5:10 P.M.

Executive Session

June 14, 2018

Terry Phillips
Mary Kay Butler
Dana Riddle
Sally Wurtz
Kathy Rosenberg

Not present:
Kelly Joyce
Barbara McKinney

An executive session of the Jefferson County Public Library Board of Trustees was held at 3:30 P.M on June 14, 2018 at 420 West Main Street, Madison, Indiana to receive information about prospective employees I.C. 5-14-1.5-6.1(b)(5). No subject matter was discussed other than the subject matter specified in the public notice.