The Jefferson County Public Library maintains meeting spaces for patrons of the Madison Library. These spaces are available for use when not needed for Library functions or its business.

The Library welcomes the use of its meeting spaces by local organizations and individuals regardless of their beliefs or affiliations. However, use of the meeting spaces does not imply endorsement, support, or co-sponsorship by the Library of the group’s policies, beliefs, or activities. As such, the Library excludes the use of our facilities for political rallies or campaigning, religious services or events, or activities that materially and substantially interfere with the function, purpose and mission of the Library.


The Library has two Meeting Rooms. These rooms provide a measure of privacy and are suitable for when two or three people need a quiet place to work together. Each room has a table, chairs, and a computer.

There is a limit of three people per room, and they cannot be used more than 2 hours/day by the same individuals. At least one user must be 18 years old. These rooms are not suitable for use as a private reading room.


This is a medium-sized room with tables and chairs that can comfortably accommodate 10 people. Attendance cannot exceed 20 people. All meetings in this space must be open to the public.


This is the largest room. It can be set up with chairs and/or tables or left empty. It can accommodate up to 50 people with tables, 80 people with just chairs, or 100 if left empty. All events in this space must be open to the public.

Note about Meeting Rooms and Auditorium: The Meeting Rooms are located inside the auditorium, and consequently, sound travels freely between them. Therefore, the Meeting Rooms cannot be reserved if the Auditorium is already reserved. However, the Auditorium can be reserved if the Meeting Rooms are reserved.


  • Meeting spaces are available at opening and must be completely vacated 30 minutes prior to closing.
  • Meeting spaces are not available when the Library is closed.
  • Set up of meeting spaces is the responsibility of the users.
  • Users must return the meeting space to its original state, including:
    • Returning furniture and/or equipment to original location(s)
    • Leaving meeting spaces in clean and good condition
  • All requests for library equipment and furniture must be made using the online request form. See below.
  • Instruction on library equipment use should be scheduled and completed prior to the meeting.
  • Reservations may be made up to six months in advance.
  • Users may not charge admission.
  • Information Tables and Surveys are not allowed.
  •  Products and services may not be bought, sold, or advertised.
  • Donations may not be offered, solicited, or accepted.
  • Prohibited items include, but are not limited to:
    • Tobacco
    • Alcohol
    • Candles and flames
    • Electric speakers or sound amplification equipment
    • Anything that may interfere with the normal operations of the Library
  • Food and Drinks must be approved by Library prior to the event.
  • No items may be attached to the walls or infrastructure.
  • To insure the greatest availability, users must immediately notify the Library of cancellations.
  • A Library staff member may attend the meeting.
  • Door prizes, contests, giveaways, or similar are prohibited.
  • The Director may deny continued use of meeting spaces by an individual or organization based on overuse, violations of this or another Library policy, or the needs of the Library.
  • Personal and family events are prohibited.
  • Names and contact information of participants may be requested but must not be a requirement for participation.

The Director may grant exceptions to these requirements if the requested use closely matches the mission of the Library.


Requests to use a meeting space must be made online at or by inquiring in-person or by phone at the Madison Library Patron Services Desk.

Reservations for Meeting Rooms can be made but are not required.

Reservations for the Conference Room and Auditorium must be made at least two business days in advance.

Upon request, the space will be provisionally held. Reservations are not confirmed until a Library employee contacts the user, usually within two business days.